Breaking Free

To be free, unencumbered, to be an individual requires a certain modicum of courage.  In some sense, it requires an ignorance, a stubbornness; the fool as he takes his step off of the cliff, not exactly sure if, when, and where he will land.  It’s easy enough to rage against the existing machine, build your world off of opposition and denial of the status quo.  This approach will certainly lead you on a “different” path than the norm, but it is in no less part of the existing structure than to be a complacent follower.

All systems are in balance, paradox meeting the third dimension.  With every whim and expression, there is an equal and opposite expression as well.  The detractors, the conspiracy theorists, the haters will always exist, building their identities and causes off of the existing practices and ideologies.  In reality, through going counter culture, you are giving power to the status quo, much like you give energy to a trampoline every time you bounce your feet upon it.  It is a step, for sure, to take this approach, for the complacency that is bred in today’s world is a sickness to many.  If we do not question, then we cannot develop our own, original ideas and opinions.


We are social beings.  Beginning with our families as children, we learn to understand ourselves and the world through the lens of relationships.  Our larger ideals are shaped by those of our various communities, mostly on the unconscious level, we soak it up as we joyfully experience the blissful ignorance of youth.  At this point very little of what you know to be “true” is original.  If you were “blessed” enough to have been raised in a religious household, most of your beliefs about the world and universe at large are complete and utter nonsense, created by who know’s what.  Examples of healthy questioning “Are the stories in the bible true?” “Is it right to circumcise baby boys?” “Is there a heaven and hell?”.


As we begin to develop we start to challenge everything!  Anyone with children understands that this process is neither short nor easy to deal with.  These kinds of questions are the basis of our newly emerging identity, how beautiful? Right?  Well, yes, but there is a caveat.  As you begin to question these widely accepted “truths”, you are alienating yourself from the groupthink.  In many societies, you are ostracized for questioning long standing belief systems ((thus the plight of Aquarians, le sigh)).

How wonderful a place we are building, via local gatherings and larger social network movements, where we can openly express not only our dissent but also our ingenious and outside the box ideas.  For many, this is only a dream, to find a space where they can say “NO” to what is and still be accepted as functional and loving members of society.

This is why the path of individuality is so courageous.  The feelings of rejection and abandonment are very real fears in our lives.  Whether it is the collective psyche remembering billions upon billions of painful experiences of loss, or it is that inner child that was picked last for a baseball game, no one wants to feel left out.  As we spoke of earlier, it is easy enough to “hate” the system, but you are not truly breaking free.  You are carrying on the lineage of thought, but from the opposing angle.  Thinking you have escaped, you have in fact tied yourself to the original ideal, no greater peace is to be found in being opposed to anything.

The key to truly breaking free is to stand for oneself, by oneself, with minimal regard for the expressions of the outer world.  This may mean coming off as crass, rude, dispassionate, and as a trouble maker.  These reactions, my friends, are a test of your personal fortitude.  The instinctive reactions of others to protect their intellectual security is as natural as the progression of the glorious sun through the zodiac, be careful to resist natural forces, they are driven by powers much wiser than is your human mind.

Being able to face your fears of rejection is one of the most rewarding experiences that a human being can go through.  As soon as you embark on such a journey, you are hit with a wave of deep, dark, and sometimes paralyzing self doubt.  You may stop at this point, having viewed the void, like an army scout sent ahead only to discover that the approaching militia is too much to fathom.  All things in balance, this path is not for everyone.  If you choose to continue, life will unfold in front of you, showing you all of the agreements and concessions you have made in order to fit such a tiny concept of self as was fed to you by the outer world.  Again, you may turn around at this point, seeking to blame and accept the role of victim.  If you choose to continue further, you will meet YOURSELF, at your true, raw, lonesome core.  


Finally you are tasting freedom as you understand that all of these restrictions were personal choices made long ago, to keep you safe from rejection, abandonment, persecution, and judgement.  All choices that have been made by the ego to protect the fragile self concept.  If you have reached this point, you have undoubtedly tackled some ego hurdles already, so I beg you to continue.

Let’s Get Real

You only have so much time here on this green Earth.  Your soul yearns to plant something and share it’s gifts.  In order to incarnate, we had to bury some of these gifts, often under the most ridiculous of belief systems.  To fully regain yourself, there must be some type of loss or death ((the process just described)).

No one is benefitting from your self sacrificing nice tone.  Don’t be an ass, but your fake smile and “pleasant” attitude is not serving any of us.  You may have avoided an awkward moment at dinner, but as you begin to express yourself more fully, you will realize that awkwardness is just an opportunity to get in touch with the parts of yourself often hidden and out of reach.


Of course, you are asking for a load of insecurities to be projected your way when you stand on your own two ideological feet, so I repeat, this path is not for everyone.  Be prepared, start practicing now.  Take a look at the different parts of your life and your relationships.  Where do you seek validation?  Where do you make sacrifices? And why?  You will find that not all of these concessions are positive and that some, are downright insidious.  Notice when and where you hold your breath, where you decide, “I better not”.  Who are you protecting and why?  Did anyone ask you to do this, or are you just deciding what is “best” for others?

The Universe is in Perfect Alignment


Remember my friend that your duty is not to others, but to yourself.  If you choose to subscribe to a God or higher power, then perhaps you can dedicate yourself to sed being(s).  I do warn you, however, that the further away you are from that which you serve, the more of your power you are giving away to the “other”.  So re evaluate your godsense often.  Be willing to question everything and never take the world as face value.  Reclaim your power.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Amazonite – speak your truth, soften harsh expressions

  2. Amber – inner warmth, confidence
  3. Azurite – emotional awareness and reprogramming

Xx Test your boundaries through living your truth xX


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