Social Media EgoGasm

Like this, share that, click this.  We are living in a world where a social media post can lead to an “EgoGasm”.  We are all familiar with how good it feels to be noticed and loved and applauded, it makes sense.  Reading the environment for feedback so that we can improve our future interactions and expressions.  The ego seeks to be in a positive light at all times, or at least to feel good, in whatever personal form that is.  Because of this, we often make concessions to our inner light, our personal wisdom, our unique expression, in order to find the best feeling or cajole some sort of specific feedback from the world at large.  While I speak in a very detached fashion, I take part in such practices everyday, you have to feel good about yourself, and there is certainly no “wrong” way to DO life.  Keep living your lives, I do not advocate living in squalor or deleting your instagram account.  However, there is balance to be struck.  If you are addicted to the attention and the positive reactions, than you will inevitably be hit hard with the opposite from within.  The cycle of high and low creates a stronger desire to do whatever it takes to get high, leading to more concession of self.


Use it as a Tool

Because of this, social media is a wonderful testing ground, a classroom, for detaching from the Ego’s cries.  It may mean that you post a selfie with no make up, imagine that!  It may mean that you send love to your friends who are having success or traveling to that exotic island and laying in a hammock and didn’t they just travel last month!!!

Yes loves, use this massive machine as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  This will enable you to gain a power over and understanding of your ego.  The ego, while necessary, needs you to be the parent.  Aho.


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