You’ve got the Keys

Challenges come and go, as quickly as one pertinent issue is resolved, we find ourselves at the precipice of another trial. Indeed, it may feel as if the weight of the world is pressing on your shoulders. To each their own, reality is a pressure, a force beyond the natural world, inviting us deeper into our journey.

There is no escape, just a delay or a tangent. We may find ourselves immersed in the study of a new and interesting topic, drinking in wisdom, dancing with the joy of exploration. From alternate lenses, we might fall apart, cracking under the pressure. The mind, the body, the food we eat, the substances we ingest, are all tools to be used along the path. No thing is inherently good or bad, evil or holy, but it is what we make of it. It has been said by beings wiser than myself, a weapon is simply a tool handled in a dangerous fashion.

Regardless of the path you choose, light shines upon you from all angles, inviting you to dance. For much of my life, I was blind to this perspective. Coddled in a cubby hole of sadness and anger, I resented the world around me. Unbeknownst to my young Earthly eyes, I was building the same walls that kept me separate from peace and unconditional love. I spent many days and nights battling myself, a thoroughly dark and fear ridden path. Stories of being wronged, theories on the ills of the world, a viewpoint and direction driving me deeper and deeper into a hallucination of utter separateness from the universal love that is my birthright.

I cannot say that I have transcended anything at all. The truth being, I have done quite the opposite. Call it my Aquarius sun sign, call it an inability to integrate the experience of being, I was, for the longest time, attempting to avoid and transcend. My efforts were certainly in vain, grasping at straws in the dark, resisting the fullness of my life. No, my friends, there is nothing to transcend.


My truth, my peace, my clearest path has come through the integration and acceptance of my circumstances. As a healer, an empath, a human with the gifts of psychic vision and otherworldly perspective, these tools, at times, have been my greatest enemy. Like any other loving beautiful person, I found ways to create an illusionary world for long enough. Perhaps there is no full recovery from the trauma of exiting the womb of my mother, a fetal pod of god consciousness connected to the bigger picture. A pain that we all share, the great equalizer.

Chiron, the wounded healer, reminds us of that which has yet to be integrated, the holes in the auric field, the blind spots within our own consciousness. To this end, I now welcome the integration. I choose to align in solidarity with James, with all of my tools cleaned and sharpened, on a constant vigilant watch of the potential pitfalls of the egocentric ways of being endemic to our third dimensional reality.

Find peace within the drama, the trauma, for you are bigger than this experience. You are a soul living the physical form. This physical form will cease to exist, but you, in all your glory and light, will continue to shine and explore. For now, with however many years or decades that your holy heart pumps human blood, THIS is your place to shine.


Astrological literature speaks of the “hard angles”, squares and oppositions, as a time when we are asked to develop and refresh areas within ourselves. In working with numerous blessed beings, I have seen the challenges that each man, woman, and child face during these times. One of the greatest gifts in my line of work is to be aligned with my brothers and sisters during these periods of often catastrophic shifts and changes.

The heart is open, the crown cracked free of limiting beliefs, the body integrating the shifts with tumultuous illnesses and confusing relationships. The potential for incredible lightness and transformation is found within these situations. Rising from the ashes, I have witnessed the courage, the ingenuity, and the downright grit of the human experience in the most ugly and horrible of times.

What is the key to thriving in these times? Faith? Perseverance? Dumb luck? Again, each path is different and every being unique, so to this end, I cannot predict what will bring you a feeling of love and comfort as you cozy up to sleep at night. What I can share is what I have gleaned so far in my years on this gorgeous green planet…

You are Empowered

The keys are found within YOU. You must be willing to galvanize your internal warrior, call forth the troops, ring the angelic doorbell and be grateful for whatever you can. Reach out to those who will listen, be willing to lay it on the line. Create boundaries, tell others to back off, to stop calling, to back away and dance their own dance. Try new things, whether it is a dance class, an astrology reading, or changing your diet, be willing to push the reset button on the more controlled aspects of your life. Keep MOVING, many have found themselves wallowing in the self indulgent ways of the emotional body. Through movement, physically, mentally, spiritually, you are aligning with the magic of creation. Do things that scare you, make a list, be excited to cross things off, look in the mirror and say “Good job you fabulous person!”. Celebrate the victories, give yourself a day off, an hour off, be willing to cancel and let go when you want to, it’s totally cool to do this. Finally, practice impeccable self care! Take a bath, stay hydrated, eat a donut when you want it, turn off your phone, pay attention to that miracle that is your body.

If you follow all of these steps, well, your life may still feel like shit at times, but hey, you are doing your best. Say namaste and start at square one, this life is your birthright.


Xx The only path is to know thyself xX

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