Jupiter Square Pluto // 3.30.17 // Owning your Power

Jupiter Square Pluto <> March 30th 2017

While this combination has been in play for the last few days, the 30th will find us fully integrating the deeper significance of this dance.

With Jupiter in retrograde, we can expect a less than happy experience to unfold around the issues of money and power.  You may, at this point, be finding inspiration and motivation (Jupiter) in the seemingly darkest of places (Pluto).  Pluto also represents that which is hidden from us, the secrets we keep from ourselves, the secrets we keep from others, and as this is a global transit, the secrets and taboos of society.  With Jupiter squaring Pluto, the energy would tend to feel manic until finding some sort of alignment.

How and where can you balance the unfolding of your inner self?  Revelations come swiftly during this transit.  It is not a question of “if” but a question of “when” the truth will be found.  One of the significant bonds between these seemingly disparate planets is TRUTH.  Jupiter, more concerned with the journey, the inspiration, the new doorways that lead to truth.  Pluto, on the other hand, handles the more serious matter of the undeniable truth.  Jupiter, seeking the truth and wisdom of the universe through an open minded approach.  Pluto, seeking to keep you focused and empowered through getting REAL.  Pluto transits are well known for digging up trauma from the past, things that are hidden from the psyche.  With Jupiter transiting Pluto, don’t be surprised if the world’s ‘dirty’ laundry is on display.

When found in the natal chart, this aspect would point to someone who would handle large energy exchanges.  Often coming in the form of money or banking, the individual themselves are not necessarily rich, but will handle the money.  There is an implicit trust that this person knows how to handle the movement of larger and more ‘serious’ energies.  So, during this time, depending on where this transit strikes you, you may find yourself moving some serious energy (money, investments, property), and trusting yourself to do so.

As this is a square, expect to be challenged during the awakening.  For squares ask us to sharpen our gifts, to call in new and potentially life changing talents.  Pluto (the underworld) aspected by Jupiter (the heavens) points to the value, gifts, inspiration, and magic that comes from buried treasure.  

Jungian Psychology would say that these buried experiences, hidden from the conscious mind, are the most fertile points of our persona.  Once exposed and cleared of psychic debris, we now have a grounded, protected, and inherently safe space to build something new.

Mining the Unconscious


A long day working in a mine is no one’s idea of fun, however, sometimes we have to do what we have to do.  For this transit, we are all mining our unconscious self, seeking out the best of what we can find.  The large percentage of materials found are unremarkable and the quest for the gemstones and precious metals can feel futile.  Your heart and mind grow weary, and maybe at times you feel lost and trapped.  Regardless, you keep going, knowing intuitively that in the end, the journey would have never started were it not for some piece of magic awaiting you.  You dig, you sort, you rest, you drink water.  The air isn’t the cleanest down here, but there is a safety and security, a feeling of purpose to your work, and it is all your own.  At day’s end, you may have found a few gems along the way, but nothing that will make you rich tomorrow.  You may return to the surface, dirty and tired, frustrated and sore.  Why were you in there in the first place?  What was it that you were digging for?  Who exactly do you think you are?

Herein lies the gifts. Regardless of what you found in the process, you have reclaimed a deep and unrelenting part of your psyche.  The true impact of this exploration will be received and capitalized upon over the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  Today you are your own therapist, and exploring is your mode of healing.

Give your heart, passion, and faith to the energy of the day.  Thank your guides for their assistance and thank yourself for your bravery.  Remember that each and every one of us feels this pull, this experience, so honor others and their journey, this is not a day to pick a fight, but to offer a helping and loving hand.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Vanadanite – perseverance, completion, vital life energy
  2. Tiger Iron – groundedness, motivation, power
  3. Obsidian – clearing, purification, protection

Xx Remove your shoes before entering your inner Temple xX

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