Copycats and Comparison // Take the High Road

You may find at times that others are sniffing around, looking for hints, insights, and answers.  To a larger extent, you may experience others imitating or one-upping your efforts.

The new social media landscape allows people to be inspired and then immediately take actions.  First and foremost, if this is happening, you should be flattered, it is a sign that you are onto something.


Sadly, however, many do this as part of their never ending search to be “better” to achieve some sort of validation through outer deeds.  They will watch what you do, see that you are receiving adulation, and then desire to grab this as well.  Not all individuals are conscious of this and not all those who imitate are doing so because they lack self worth.  It is a complicated world that is unfolding in all moments.

Nevertheless, there are 7 billion people on the planet, and also infinite ideas that can be applied to help others and offer a service.  Never despair at the actions and exploits of others, for there is no reason.  When you feel jealousy, honor it, it belies a deeper knowing of your highest potential.  If you feel that others are nipping at your coattails, feel honored.  In the end, there is nothing that you actually own, despite our current world’s patents, trademarks, lawsuits, and intellectual property.  The only reason that any of these things are important are either ego or money related.  Important factors to consider for sure, but not nearly important enough to allow your own true path to be diverted.

be careful to jump on the bandwagon

You are an original individual, and the only way to lose that spark is to follow others or constantly compare in linear terms.  We all compare, and there is really nothing that we can do about this, it is a natural coping mechanism for the crazy world we live in.  Seeking to understand ourselves through our environment, the mirror speaks to us and allows us to assess our own progress, goals, and sense of self.

Everyone is a gift, in all of their frustrating and joyful expressions and impressions.  The other is rarely at fault, but our minds would tell us otherwise, it is important to OWN your circumstance, regardless of the details.

A Different Viewpoint

Each person, in age, in looks, in profession, etc are at the very least slightly different.  Our world is built in such a way that these differences are placed into a hierarchy.  Different societies have different value systems and thus there are variations in what is “better” or “worse”.  For instance, in many cultures, a woman carrying extra body weight is considered beautiful and healthy, and individuals with a smaller frame may feel “less than” in comparison.  I certainly don’t need to remind you of what happens in your own culture, but understanding that each culture or cohort applies different values to things will help undermine the toxic low vibe egocentric comparison that causes us to feel so shameful and “less than”.

The problem with this mode of thinking is very simple.  We are all individual sparks of expression, coming from an infinite amount of angles and backgrounds.  As we compare on such socially accepted groupings as “attractiveness” or “strength” (a big one for men) or “income bracket” we are shrinking our self concept down to such a finite and feeble point.  No matter how you stack up, perhaps you are a beautiful, young, wealthy, healthy, strong man, you will inevitably fail to meet the criteria as you age, lose money, or even get a bad haircut!  This is insane.


If you seek to be more beautiful, then please, look to the world and decide what YOU find beautiful in others, then create it for yourself.  To use the same analogy, not every man looks good with a shaved head, but some are irresistible with such a look.  From the linear and simplistic perspective, we would think “I should shave my head” (notice the should… yikes!).  From a larger perspective you are able to understand that this individual is sexy and attractive, and the hairstyle is just a piece of the magnetism puzzle.  Perhaps from this point you notice his eyebrows, charming and engaging.  Can you have his eyebrows? No, of course not, but keep going.  You are beginning to put together the whole picture.  As you continue without self judgement, you are using this person as a reference instead of a comparative avatar.  By the end of your study, you may have ascertained that it is an overall charisma that this man is giving off.  Tap into that charismatic feeling, what is the underlying energy?  In a lot of cases and for example’s sake, let’s say that it is CONFIDENCE.  Confidence can go a long way in this world, seemingly obliterating socially accepted norms in looks, fashion, and artistic expression.

Left in the linear comparison, you may have found yourself stymied by the bald head, thinking you could “never pull that off”.  With this new and patient observation, you have come to a greater truth that underlies every moment of social interaction, the power of confidence.  From here, you can unpack the stories that you tell yourself, the deep seeded beliefs from childhood, the habits and patterns of your ancestral lineage.  Through doing this work, you are uncovering the root causes of your attempts to seek validation from the outside world.

I know that this may be a crude example, but it can be applied to any time and place where you are feeling “less than” in comparison to another.  There is nothing inherently wrong about being a copycat, a follower, a social climber.  However, these modes will over serve to feed more of the same, finding you deeper and deeper in the world of “other” and less and less in the world of “self”.

Let us all take this opportunity to acknowledge the difficult road that each and every one of us must take to incarnate on this varied and sometimes brutal planet.

A Prayer of Equanimity

“I am at peace with who and what I am.  I ask for support and guidance along my road of self actualization.  With love in my heart and beauty in my mind, I will forever reach to enhance my personal expression in alignment with my highest calling.  As there are many challenges along the road of self discovery, I ask for grace and understanding.  I ask for support in offering the same loving compassion to my fellow brothers and sisters.  May my journey in the light inspire each and every human being to accept themselves as they are, in all moments, in all places.”


Xx We are all connected xX


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