Back that Venus Up // Rx into Pisces 4.2.17

Venus has been moving in retrograde for the last 4 weeks.  You may have discovered some new and perhaps unsettling things about yourself.  With the retrograde in the sign of Aries, there is without a doubt a tinge of fire to these realizations, and the process overall may have you less interested in sleep and more interested in following every desire that comes up.  Check out my previous post on Venus Retrograde here -> Relating under Venus Rx.

On the night of Sunday April 2nd @ 8:30 PM Est 5:30 Pst, Venus will officially return to Pisces.  Think back to late January, what was going on in your life?  Were you working on any specific part of yourself and your reality?  Perhaps you were in contact with people who seemingly disappeared at month’s end.  Well, expect all of that to return, not to be a burden, but a gift.

Normally, I wouldn’t fret too much or offer too much attention to something that has already been assessed, but this time is different, and here is why.

Saturn, the planet of restrictive energy (try to see this as a positive) will be in aspect to Venus for over a two week period.  Collectively, I believe we will begin feeling this energy tomorrow and early this week.  The blast from Aries to Venus is an interesting one to say the least.

Pisces Rundown

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing something older, hopefully wiser, and more connected.  Within the experience of Pisces, we see a dissolution of the ‘self’ as it were.  The ego cannot handle the weight of the ‘all-knowing’ and feeling nature of Pisces, and through multiple bouts of mania and exhaustion, finds a calm resting place that is more conscious and reserved.  In terms of the life cycle, Pisces is the time spent looking back over the lifetime and preparing for death/transformation/transition.

Aries Rundown

Aries, being the young upstart of the zodiac, brings about a regeneration of the self, of the ego.  With Venus concerned, we may be stubbornly and selfishly (try not to judge these terms) attracting and attacking our desires.  This can be a series of fleeting love experiences, it could mean using your body to get what you want.  Without moderation, Venus in Aries will burn you out and have you feeling less than clear.  Regardless, it is an enjoyable time to be alive, where saying ‘YES’ feels so so good.  In terms of the life cycle, this is birth, infancy, the awakening of the idea of self.  During this time it is important to say yes to life and all it’s options so that we, in turn, can learn from how it goes.

So now, we have the opposite crossover occurring.  Going from Aries to Pisces can leave your tongue tied and your eyes glazed.  Expect a bit of “WTF” to float through the ether this week.  What you thought you wanted is likely to experience a shift, as decisiveness and assertion are harder to come by (Pisces).  The resulting life experience could have you down in the dumps, and I advise that you stay the observer and watch the unfolding.

We are not meant to be anything at all, but to acclimate to life as it unfolds.  There are very few things that we are in charge of, and it is up to us what when and where we invest, use your mind wisely

On the opposite side of the coin, Pisces will get us in tune with the more intuitive senses, the mystical, the psychic.  If we can manage to maintain boundaries within our relationships and energy field, we can feel the exaltation of Venus energy.  This is certainly the time to “Let go and let God”.  Working too hard?  Putting too much pressure on yourself? Have you been making deadlines for some unknown or self constructed reason?  Now is a time to pray to your higher guidance for support.  Never are we more tuned into the collective desires than during Venus in Pisces.  Spirit wants to serve.

Saturn Square Venus

Saturn goes retrograde April 6th ((more on that soon))

From April 8th – April 22nd, Saturn Rx will square Venus.  These two planets are not the best at communicating, and squares are the aspect that asks us to step into the uncomfortable in order to bring out gifts that may have been less than developed.  Saturn, in turn, when aspecting another planet, will find ways to have you work harder, to try try try again, to test your resolve.  

Saturn is your spiritual trainer :: challenges make you stronger

Seen from a spiritual perspective, this is a time when you will be asked what you want, why you want it, how badly do you want it, and how much are you willing to sacrifice to get it.  If ever there was a time when effort pays off, it is this period.  The caveat, however, is that the results will be hard to come by, and that which you gain will not be what you wanted, but what you needed.  In my eyes, this is a true spiritual test.

On a physical level, expect to pay for the debts you owe, in life and in love.  If you feel that you have been karmically positive or balanced, then this time could lead to great gains or even windfalls.  Complacency will lead you down a dark road, as Chronos/Saturn/Father time will not allow you to take anything for granted.  With Saturn in aspect to Venus, we are going to have to ‘work’ to feel good.  Let us not forget, we are finishing up the Sun in Aries with a Sun Uranus conjunction coming up mid month… STAY IN ACTION, NOT YOUR FEELINGS.

Whether you believe in karma or not, you will feel the universe and Earth seeking to balance outstanding debts.  Again, if you are behind the eight ball, find ways to alleviate these imbalances consciously, as opposed to waiting for Saturn to force your hand.  If another has harmed you, you may feel the desire for retribution and to this end I say, DON’T MESS WITH THE GODS.  Saturn is older and wiser than your mind and ego, allow him to do his work.  If you are owed something, it will come to you in due time, be grateful and focus on the good things as much as possible.

Back to the Present

As for Venus herself, she will go stationery and begin moving forward again on April 15th.  If you are a Libra or Taurus Moon Sun or Rising, Venus in the first house, or have strong aspects to Venus, you may just feel a deep sense of relief.  If you have been waiting to take action on projects, maybe use this time to fertilize the soil and make plans for mid month when the energy changes directions.  The inner work that you do now will pay tenfold come Sun in Taurus.  For those of you who like to make these connections, let us not forget that Jupiter is in Libra, a Venus ruled sign.  

Jupiter in Libra – During this year until mid October, all movements and aspects to Venus will be stronger and more noticeable in the collective. Venus will be in Libra before we know it, lookout for info on that magical time to come.  ((Next year with Jupiter in Scorpio, we do the same dance with Pluto and to a lesser degree Mars, put on your safety gear and engage your tantric side)).

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Carnelian – grounded motivation, passion
  2. Danburite – commune with spirit guides
  3. Shungite – clearing karmic debris


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