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Saturn Retrograde runs from April 5th until August 25th 2017.  The strongest effects of this period will be felt over the first few weeks and specifically in the area of relationships from August 8-22nd as Saturn Squares Venus, for more on that check my previous article (Back that Venus Up // Rx into Pisces 4.2.17).

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Let’s Get to know Saturn

Saturn is literal, it is palpable, it doesn’t miss a detail and doesn’t waste time.  However, it is attuned to the utter reality of situations and will not tolerate Venusian or Neptunian delusions of grandeur.  Nor will it play along with fanciful dramatics and procrasitnative measures.  Saturn will embody the blockage or task at hand until it becomes the ‘be all end all’ in terms of “what to do next”.  Under the influence of Saturn retrograde, it will require intense amounts of energy to carry out any endeavor that is largely based on idealism or well wishes.  Delusions will come crumbling down, as will projective measures often employed by the ego to protect him/herself.  By increasing the “effort” necessary to manifest, that which does not resonate with TRUTH will have a hard go of it.

If you were to tell a story based off of actual events, you would simply be recounting a tale with perhaps a bit of embellishment for entertainment value (expect less of this during Rx).  On the other hand, if you were weaving a false story, you have to create and hold space for an almost entirely false reality.  With Saturn slowing, the weight of this charade is far too much to manage and will be more likely to fail.  Thus, those with strong Saturn aspects in their natal charts will often show a pragmatic and rough approach to life.  You may have heard stereotypes of Capricorn energy being cold and detached.  What I would say to you is this Saturn ruled sign is in fact quite an amazing screen for projection.  What lies underneath is more likely an individual motivated by truth, simplicity, integrity, and trustworthiness.  They are focused on goals and completing tasks, moving forward at a steady clip.  Saturn makes it very challenging to bear the weight of false reality, which we use in our day to day lives to add a little spice, excitement, show compassion, and more or less acclimate socially without being too harsh or rough around the edges.

sharing your opinions as a Saturn influenced individual is a slippery slope

Saturn does not care what others think or feel about his undertakings, for he has spent millennia pondering and playing out the ways of the knowable universe.  The weight of this wisdom can be felt as either a burden or a gift.  While Uranus may seek to help us access new ways of thinking, building, and creating.  Saturn offers us the book of knowledge on the wonderfully stable and time tested ways of the universe, or, more specifically, third dimensional reality, as this is our current universe.


Saturn and Karma

Saturn has a close relationship with karma.  Karma being a very objective and willful energy that will, in due time, find balance.  When one says “you will pay for that” or “there are no free rides in life”, they are certainly seeking the Saturnian language of Karma.

For we know that there are free rides, and sometimes people seemingly “get away” with murder.  Regardless, the law of Karma tells us that all things, on a larger grand scale, return to balance.  The only force keeping all things from balancing immediately is the illusion of time (ruled by Saturn).  Were it not for the expansion and separation of the eternal moment into infinite pieces, we would feel the impact of our actions simultaneously to the action being considered.  This is not the world we live in, but as Saturn goes stationary on it’s first leg of retrograde, you may just tap into that timelessness and release some unbearable weight.  This could be painful or joyous, but you can ensure that it will be therapeutically cathartic.

fear and love are choices

The concept of reincarnation with karma is a wonderful example of this connection.  Even if not in this lifetime, your karmic balance will seek you.  It will follow you, regardless of form or dimensional orientation.  Thus, karma is a larger force than your individual incarnation itself, spanning lifetimes and perhaps even existences in various forms and alternate realities.  While Jupiter goes about seeking to be inspired and turn over new leaves of spiritual exploration, Saturn resonates and fosters the stability of the existing structure to support sed explorations.  To a further extent, Saturn supports the functioning of the more expressive (mercury, mars, sun) and more feeling (venus, moon, neptune) planets.  Without the bones, the skeleton, the scaffolding of existence, what shape could these ethereal planets take?  Without the template, the canvas of third dimensional rules such as gravity, what would we build to remind us that it is important and meaningful to continue to act and create?

Saturn is the true spiritual planet, just as earth is our true mother as long as we inhabit suits made of her flesh and fruit.  When we explore the further dimensions of reality beyond our current patterns, we are walking on Saturnian ground, bouncing off of Saturnine ideals and restrictions.

An open door may offer us a home, but a closed door offers us the world. – Saturn


Saturn is often connected to the father, authority, the government, bosses, and anything that will offer you boundaries and rules that you didn’t actually ask for.  The Saturn return is a time when we find ourselves at odds with our own sense of responsibilities.  Around the age of 28 for as many as 7-8 years, we will slowly be grinding away at our core selves, seeing what survives the intense pressure.  Beautiful crystals are formed under intense pressure, but on the other hand, many wonderfully enchanting structures would also be crushed under the same weight.  Thus, Saturn in strong aspect, such as the first days of retrograde, will find you at deplorable lows and soulfully joyous highs.  It’s a bit of a roller coaster, and without the emotional context a much easier one to enjoy. (Saturn is not considered superbly emotionally sensitive).  This process will refine what is available to us by trial after trial.  Relationships, living arrangements, jobs, careers, workout routines, diets, hobbies, addictions are all up for possible removal from one’s life.

Saturn aspects are certainly a time to “get to the bottom” of things through “living them to their bitter end”

Saturn is, as we spoke, meticulous in his dedication to his work.  Thus there is truly “no escape” from the consequences for that which you have done.  I in no way intend to put the “fear of God” into you, but I do hope that you heed these works as we go headlong into the yearly adventure that is Saturn retrograde.

Saturn, symbolized by the mythological Kronos, is considered father time, the lord of karma, the grim reaper, the creator of restrictions, and the collector of debts.  Death, payback, and balance are all very natural modes of being.  Without someone to balance the karmic books, life would become an unsustainable dream, and in time, an inescapable nightmare.  Saturn offers us a way out of our engrained patterns.

Regardless of your internal justifications of your actions, there are universal laws at play.  Saturn will, from this vantage point, certainly crush any escapist explanations you have created.

Saturn Rx will show us how we are blocking our own path through embodying the blockage until it becomes inescapable.

The Grim Reaper

Saturn tests our vitality
Something has to come to harvest that which no longer serves our fruitful and abundant nature.  Look no further than Saturn himself.  Aligned with the grim reaper, Saturn will surely clear the decks of all detritus and less than vibrant materials.
Under Saturn Rx, that which is motivated and propelled by will alone will be seriously challenged. The will power is only so strong and can be sustained for so long before the individual grows exhausted and succumbs to more natural forces.
Saturn going retrograde increases the weight, the supreme force of beingness. Both the resistance encountered and natural flow are increased in intensity. Tune in, time is slowing down. Instead of panicking at these realizations, check in with what is real, use it focus on ONE ISSUE AT a time.
If something is/was on it’s last leg, it may be the last you see of it. Items that are half broken, ideas that are half baked, hobbies that are half interesting, may meet their demise during this week and months to come.
On the evening of the retrogrades beginning, the garage door on my home broke. A cable, which has been experiencing unusual strain for years, finally snapped as the door came slamming down. I would be hard pressed to find a better example of this phenomenon. The cable finally gave in to the tension, a situation which had held out for longer then expected to begin with.
More than any other planet, Saturn has a dramatic effect on the physical aspects of our lives. Not to say that Saturn broke my door, but under this influence, the overstressed cable found the pressure too much to bear as the intensity and focus increased.
take pressure as a sign of inner refinement and slow down
Pay Attention to your Body – This is certainly not a time to ignore the subtle and meaningful messages from your body.  When you are tired, rest.  When you are hungry, eat.  When you need time alone, take it.  Being strong and testing your inner fortitude is admirable, but don’t test Saturn, he will show you quickly and swiftly why the natural order is… the natural order.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Celestite – angelic connection, peaceful vibes, softening
  2. Libyan desert glass – empowerment from higher self, access to ancient wisdom
  3. Agate (all colors) – slow movement, steady growth, pragmatism

Xx Time will tell you the truth, if you are patient enough to wait for it xX

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