Mercury Trine Saturn // 4.24-25.17

A word on Trines

Two signs of the same element ((in this case fire)) always create what is called a trine, or 120° angle. Trines create a flowing energy between two aspects. Many astrologers have written of trines as positive and squares 90° or oppositions 180° as negative, this is small minded and myopic.
Trines, in general, allow for the flow of energy between the two planets involved, whereas squares or oppositions create a more “on and off” or challenging connection between two planets. Neither of these is inherently good or bad, but as all things, is dependent upon the placement and energy dynamics of each planet concerned.

Mercury Trine Saturn 4.24-25.17

The release of mental energy will come to the forefront during this time. Images and delusions of grandeur may meet their demise by the way of realism becoming, well real. An example may be a letter informing you that one of your greatest aspirations may require a new path or direction. Seeing that this is a trine, it is very likely that the solution is available or will be with some effort (Saturn).
Stubbornness of mind will certainly be a pitfall during this time, remember that flexibility is more about “going with the flow” and that abandoning a project because of setbacks is just as stubborn as refusing to adjust one’s direction.
With mercury trine saturn, you will find understanding with others through respecting their boundaries. Dissenting opinions and viewpoints will enhance your world, not degrade it, so take the lessons in stride. As always, with Saturn involved, you may have to work just a bit harder to get what you want or to make that adjustment. With both planets in retrograde, you may have to repeat yourself or your steps, stay patient, pay attention to details, and remember that an argument is simply a conversation in which one or more side let emotions or idealism take over <3
With both planets in fire signs, it can be easy to have passion rule your thoughts and actions, respect rules when it makes sense and err on the side of social norms during this time to stay out of trouble. A group of like minded dissenting opinions may form without much of a structure, an opportunity for the collective to release some pent up anger and confusion. Things will be even clearer by weeks end, maybe not the best time to corral and organize.
Daphnis :: One of Saturn’s Moons as viewed through it’s icy rings

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