Some things cannot be explained

It’s better that way 🌟

I’m sorry for your losses

For the time no one brought you flowers

For that time when you lost your keys and spent all day searching

Years ago, I had a friend, he was a cat, his name was Lewis, he passed unexpectedly, just like that, my best friend disappeared.

I mourned his death searching for meaning, wondering what I did wrong and what I could do better. I didn’t really learn anything, except to keep moving and focus on the now.

The culmination of energetic and spiritual phenomena are often besides the point. A flash on the screen after months or years of high intensity production. Were you paying attention as the story unfolded? Well then you got what you needed, game is over now, move on. Not because staying back is wrong, but because moving forward is just so damn right. Be present with what is here for you!

People leave us, they vacate their bodies and (fill in the blank)

They don’t really return, because they never actually leave. For then, the transition is their reality, who knows what journeys they may take? One thing is for sure, it is not for us to pity ourselves at loss but to celebrate the experiences shared and the lessons gleaned.  

Some things are bigger than our awareness, therefore it is beyond us to comprehend the full spectrum of these things.

Trust the process, be grateful for what you have, and do your best to love other people regardless of how incredibly frustrating they may be 😍

Having peace with those around you, living and deceased, will improve your ability to live freely. 

Someday when you meet your physical expiration, you will be grateful for all the smiles, hugs, and love that you shared.

Be kind to humankind, we need that from you💖

Special love to anyone who is grieving loss in anyway, your spiritual community has your back from afar. The earth supports your feet as she accepts yet another vessel for recycling and reuse, she is love.

Beyond words

Beyond thoughts

Beyond emotions

This is where we lay on the day when we say

Goodbye 🔥🔥🔥

Xx The Fire of the heart is never extinguished xX

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