Rising above

((I don’t know what is inside this pod, but I love it))
Can you stay above your emotions

Acknowledge your feelings

And still receive accurate self guidance?

The practice of being human is an interesting game of choices. Besides the outer world where madness and peace seem to dance with magic, the inner world is unlimited and so so rich.

For whatever reason, I seek to learn about who and what I am, I seek to see the deeper meaning behind the things that I do. In particular, I look to understand the connection between intense experiences and my own soul. What am I here to learn?

The more I dig, plumb, and search, the less I know and the more I let go. I open these spaces of experience to new opportunities to receive light and love.

The practice of emotional discipline is incredibly important for me. Many times I have indulged for weeks, months, or years at a time in my own watery experience. At the end of the day/month/year what did I learn? The emotional reaction is still the same, and the root just needed to be touched, viewed, loved and accepted.

Past this point, I have a new and refreshed skill set and orientation with which to see the world. Acclimating and integrating could take an eternity, so no need to rush, just go go go with the flow flow flow.
Be your best self, whatever that means to you. You are not responsible for the ills of the world, just for your own domain, both inner and outer 💖🌟💖

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