Happy Equinox // Aries Begins // PreView Video

Aries Season Preview…

Take a quick look through this information then watch the video below, happy Spring.

Mercury Retrograde March 23rd 6AM Pacific 9AM Eastern

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Ends April 15th

Mars in Capricorn throughout Aries… this is Mars ruler, see video below. Focus on that which is productive with your efforts. Conserve your vital life force energy. When choosing your endeavors, keep an eye on what makes you feel purposeful and engaged. Take care of your responsibilities during this time, you will be surprised at your ability to focus and complete arduous tasks. Break them down into steps, and enjoy the process.

Chiron enters Aries… April 17th Chiron makes it’s first dip into Aries after half of a decade in the sign of Pisces. The help that you are looking for the universe, that you may be expecting to come bursting through your door with no strings attached, ummm, expect a combination of brutal universal truth and receiving what you NEED instead of what you want. More on this when the time comes. For the rest of the time, keep in mind that what you are integrating on a healing may escape conscious reasoning. So be nice to yourself and take healing time around water. Also, see the video below…

Mars Conjunct Saturn… April 1st (see video below) “the rubber hits the road” as Mars conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. Making responsibilities come center stage, and having tremendous power to do something about it. As the energetic Mars takes on purpose in Capricorn, a blending with the larger existing rules and structures of Saturn may not be the easiest thing to integrate. However, if you can do so, the payoff is huge. On a bigger social level, there could be a clash between the frustrated organized masses (represented by mars in Capricorn) and the existing older structures and paradigm. My recommendation is to stay active and free in the days leading up to this transit, have fun, play, and get some damn exercise.

Welcome to Spring // Info and Tips on Aries Season 2018

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