My Fragile Ego

When you are upset
Is it a reaction to an injured ego?
No other being is responsible for the preservation of your sense of identity
Realizations about yourself are par for the course and may arise due to the natural expression of your fellow being.

The ego is a container much like a soda can, the slightest pressure can bring its integrity into question.

Sustaining damage to your selected identity is painful yes, but identity is based on a projective vehicle that enables you to (hopefully) navigate this world.

If you weren't open to receiving feedback than your ego is akin to a driver that doesn't mind lane lines or median strips.

"How dare that guardrail impede my path, look at how injured it made me!"

Yes, this is how confused we are when we assume our hurt feelings are the result of 'other'. Again, lessons are painful, but it is much more painful to abandon your spirit by grasping tightly to old ways which have clearly run their course.

I say thank you to all the guardrails out there, hopefully my karmic deductible isn't too high!

Xx Patience breeds wisdom xX

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