Dissolve the Story

Regardless of the challenges I wake up every new day
And even if I don't
Then there is something new to be

My body is my teacher and without it I would let go of everything
Pain burrows deep into the cells when my conscious awareness refuses to process
36 years in I am unfolding that which buried itself at 7,6,5,4….

Releasing the story is my gift to myself
And gifts to myself allow my natural gift
Which IS my resonance
To be CLEAR and PURE

I am not my ancestors or past
Unless the energy which allows me this body had blockages or undisclosed processes to be recycled back into the ether

To this extent I say to my lineage of DNA carriers… thank you, let's break the patterns with the goal of BEING PRESENT in the NOW

Whatever has happened to me is either deplorable or honorable
My goal is to HONOR

To all-that-is

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