It’s an Open Journey

You don’t have to write a story about it.

The key to maintaining connection to your heart is being engaged in the activities that you are doing. I know it can be challenging when the world asks you to do things that you would never choose if it weren’t for obligation, family, money and the like. However, you really can be a changemaker in your own life by standing up for your personal experience.

Choose what you want and desire. Even if that is peace and quiet and respite.

The act of doing ‘nothing’ is still an act of creation, you are creating a peaceful and safe space for yourself.

If you feel that you have to solve the world’s problems, remember that the most effective way to initiate this process is to work on yourself. Build a team of friends, a community, and choose some goals for fostering the shifts you want to see in the world.

Honestly, this is all optional, you have a body, and obligations are a choice. From my very expanded and heart in the clouds viewpoint, this is all a game, a movie, an opportunity to explore. You can explore sadness and depression. You can explore cynicism and irony. You can explore rudeness and crudeness. You can explore light and love, suffering and drama.

Like seriously, you can explore what you want. Again, from my opinion, if you find a vein that suits your soul, you must explore it.

Any place you go, where anyone tells you that you HAVE to follow some etiquette or version of reality, dogma or teaching, you are abdicating your personal volition and empowerment through entering them, through identifying with them. Remember that you are choosing! Some things take time to disengage, maybe even lifetimes. Those who have children are obviously on a different trajectory and vibration to those who do not, I speak from a place of not having biological offspring (i’d sing a different song if I did have them).

My lasting message here is that YOU are in the driver’s seat. Regardless of the decisions that YOU made or were made for YOU in the past, you still remain firmly in the driver’s seat of your life.Say NO when you don’t want something.Speak UP when you are called to do so.There are lines between being offensive and being violent, sometimes you have to do the former to avoid the latter. When we wait to speak, we create a cocktail of chemicals within our body that can be explosive and far more damaging to both US and our environment then if we had broached the topic in the moment or soon thereafter.

No one is more gifted at navigating your life than YOU. You have zero masters. You are a masterful expression of divine made physical <3

Crystal Recommendations

Carnelian – passion, clear blocks, internal warmth

Golden Labradorite – awaken to purpose, confidence, taking action

Bumblebee Jasper – align with personal willpower

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