Everything Gets Real – March 2020

Years ago I began noticing that things were going to be interesting during the year 2020. As an astrologer it isn’t uncommon to look to both the future and the past for research, for fun, or for clues as to what may be upcoming. When doing so, I targeted the date of January 11, 2020 as the beginning of the busiest astrological season of my lifetime. I have to say, so far, it hasn’t disappointed. Here I will describe it from an astrological perspective and end with a bit of interpretation. In order to understand the magnitude of the times, I must explain the importance of declination to begin.

Declination of Planets

Declination is the relative ‘height’ of planets in the sky. This is different from the location within the zodiac, 24° Capricorn for instance. In a simple sense, consider the zodiac location (known easier as longitude) and declination the X and Y axis on a grid. When planets are at the same declination, they create a plane of existence that connect the two, three, or in this case four. This is referred to as a parallel. Many astrologers do not look at these numbers when studying transits and natal charts… and they are sorely mistaken.

The parallel can be as impactful, if not moreso, than the conjunction within the longitude. Eclipses requires a syncing up of both declination and zodiac placement. A natal chart description is incomplete if the reader does not consider the declination. Declination is an essential part of my sessions with clients. When planets are in parallel (Orb of 1-1.5°), their energies combine in ways that, when transiting, create very unique experiences for humanity and, when in a natal chart, foster unique gifts within the individual. (See my chart below, all four planets in parallel)

Chiron, Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Parallel in James’ Chart

Currently, we are experiencing a once in a lifetime connection between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. These planets are within a few degrees of one another and occupying the same sign of Capricorn. Starting in February and throughout the month of March, Mars joins in the fray as well. Saturn and Pluto come together about every 37 years, the last time in the early 80’s in the sign of Libra. Jupiter is on a 12 year cycle so the Pluto and Saturn don’t always meet up with Jupiter so closely at their conjunction.

For example, in 1981, the closest spread between Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn was 9 total degrees. Spanning from 15° Libra to 24° Libra. That’s a pretty tight conjunction. In addition, the closest declination spread during that period was 4°. To put this into perspective, the Capricorn meetup of these three planets here in 2020 has, at its closest, a spread of less than 6° from 24° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius. Whilst the closest declination during this period of less than 2°. In this instance, we add Mars to the mix which is within the same range for a two week period which has coincided with the spreading virus.

As Mars travels through it’s conjunctions with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter from March 17th through March 31st, it is also within range of a parallel. When two planets are in range in both longitude (conjunction) and declination (parallel), it is referred to as a Planetary Eclipse. Perhaps the most powerful interaction between two planets that is possible. Because Mars is relatively close to us and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are not, it is rare to have a planetary eclipse amongst distant planets. In order to classify it in this fashion, you would need a very tight parallel. So as we look at the range of Mars conjunction and parallel with Pluto, we find that it is nearly exact (see image below). March 22nd, 2020, Mars forms a planetary eclipse with Pluto. This happens as Jupiter moves into very close range of it’s conjunction and sits in close declination to both Pluto and Mars.

Mars, in fact, forms it’s exact parallel with Jupiter just days after this on March 28th. It is as if the conjunction of the planets is occurring multiple times, drawing more and more of this highly transformative energy to the surface of our consciousness. The trend continues as Mars conjuncts Saturn on March 31st. Jupiter conjunct Pluto on April 4th. Followed by Mars parallel Saturn on April 7th. The dance is incredible. The impact will draw out all of these deeply frustrated energies. All as Saturn moves into Aquarius for the first time since 1993.

For now, consider this the onset of a better way of BEing. Pluto makes its way into Aquarius in 2024 for the first time since human acknowledgment of the heavenly body. Times they are a changin’. The Aquarian age is settling in.

This is why you are here

This time defines us. This time creates the template and is the clearing for a new way of doing things. This time marks the ‘beginning of the end’ if not the end of bitter hostility and human right violations. This series of transits and the upcoming years of Saturn in Aquarius are making space for a new way of respecting all life forms. Whether aquatic, mammalian, botanical, extra terrestrial, or the Earth itself… this is all a referendum on how things are done. The old ways of doing things will be seen for all of their incompetence as we slow down and receive. We allow the industrial age to meet it’s final breath. The slowing down of productivity undoubtedly hurts people and the global economy, but in the long run supports life and ecosystems globally.

Karma and Transformation

Karma is a huge part of these transits. What has been ignored will fester in our society and perhaps even our bodies. Parasitic entities will be drawn to the surface and those who are corrupt and manipulative will be seen for exactly who they are and what they have done. The key is to be willing to see a different way of being, a different way to do things. The new path involves community, coming together after a long period of struggle and healing. Pain and suffering reach their peak just prior to the birth of the new age.

Whatever has been ignored both socially and personally will be brought to the light of day to be processed and purified. That which has been suppressed will be ejected upward with equal force to the suppression. Things that are forced will simply stop. Those who are tired will require rest. Balance is needed and is long overdue. Find forgiveness within yourself and for others, your anger is a projection of self deception. You know that we are one, STOP PRETENDING!

This is what you are here for. This is why you survived until now. Open up and receive what is happening. Denial only works until reality hits home, so try to be open minded, if only for a few moments a day.

If you have put your body through some rough stuff, time to treat it well and honor how it has carried you forward. At the end of this colossal journey, we will remember the resilience of humankind and experience the resilience of the Earth and her ecosystems as well.

Fear and hysteria are a weapon used in attempts to keep the old ways going. Whether you buy into it or not, the same reality will always unfold, so ground yourself and make a conscious choice of how you want to move forward.

Universal Love and Global Prosperity

Love is universal, it is the very fabric of how we exist. When one person suffers, it creates a kink, an inflammation, in the universal web. An individual cannot truly find bliss until we all have the reasonable opportunity to succeed in our Earthly journey. As we move through the tough lessons of these karmic transits, remember to keep your eyes, hearts, third eyes, and minds on the global prosperity and joy of every living thing being respected and honored. This is where we are headed, one step at a time. Thank you for your patience with yourself. Thank you for your willingness to keep going and to dance joyfully through the ups and downs of life.

We Are Transforming

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James Ray, Intuitive Astrologer

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