Obstacles are Internal

When you realize that you are, in fact, at odds with no one. Humbling and terrifying, an exhilarating awareness. An ocean of rain all at once, that isn’t pressure, it is the feeling of being cleansed of false perception.

To be at peace with oneself is to be at peace with the world. To be at war with oneself is to be at war with everything. The journey in 2020 is many fold. The timelines are separating into various different directions. There are some more obvious splits, but the future possibilities are uncertain.

Turbulent is a good description for these times. Water that is being churned by numerous turbines blurring and obscuring visibility. As we breathe in the oxygenated atmosphere on Earth, the turbines spin from just outside of this dimension. They blend conscious and unconscious. Disparate energies seemingly become one. The opposing points of the polarity and binary enmeshed. Confusion ensues as we are seeing things from a new perspectives.

Certain issues may polarize us into choosing sides. Of course, this is human and social nature, it’s the basis of tribalism. It may even seem that the opposing viewpoint or ‘tribe’ is in some way a threat to you or your loved ones.

On a spiritual level, we are being reminded of two universal laws that are both deeply loving and uncomfortable.

  1. Free Will… each being, a soul incarnated into a body, has free will. They are not obliged to be considerate, caring, compassionate, or even kind. While there may be social mores and laws, this does not mean that anyone will follow them. The important thing to remember is that YOU also have free will. You can choose how to respond, react, and approach any situation.
  2. You Cannot Control Everything… while our free will gives us the ability to choose how we respond and react, it does not give us free reign to control outcome or circumstance. Things just kind of happen. The greatest peace can be found through faith. Faith is simply understanding that, even though you cannot ‘control’ the world, you understand that there is at least a benevolent force guiding things. Faith is just one application of free will to the uncontrolled chaos of life experience.

Free will and lack of control create a tenuous situation socially. Our ego wants to control, which can have us attempting to take away the free will of others. To police them, to object to their choices. The unconditional love of the universe does not seek retribution, for it is the journey of the individual which inevitably brings things back to balance.

We are called to uplevel at this time. Not to do a ‘better’ job, but to do a different job than we are accustomed to. Forgiveness of others is a passive way of expressing that they have ‘wronged’ you. It creates a pedestal upon which we can sit.

The key is to forgive oneself.

The aquarian age is settling in, think independently. As we begin to forgive our investments in turmoil, we find peace and clarity. We don’t need others in order to find peace within. There is a certain amount of dependency in forgiving others for their actions. Let us become independent, dependent on ourselves, for healing and reconciliation.

Other beings are expressing their free will. They are facing the same ‘out of control’ universe, from their own unique perspective. To me, it is amazing that we are able to all coexist within such proximity. The trials and tribulations of the outer world ask us to show up, already prepared for what we face. Spending time alone and doing inner work is the most responsible thing you can do for society. Of course there will be times when we are called to action, to help a neighbor, to set a boundary, to protect and honor the sacred. As we begin to form a deeper sense of sovereignty on a personal level, autonomy unfolds.

The journey to build a unified and collective movement has zero potential if we are not right with ourselves. I have spent decades justifying my victim consciousness when interacting with others. Only to learn years later that it was my own ineptitude that created the blockage in the first place. I have attachments, sensitivities, weak points, and judgements. I have preferences and mood swings. These are the true obstacles. Do I love myself enough to work to end these patterns? Do I love others enough to take responsibility for my body, my mind, and my soul?

Owning the Journey

  1. Speak Less, Listen More… offer space for learning from others. Listening to others is listening to self. This fosters space for the speaker to unfold, and for you to release control. This practice of listening will reflect back on your inner world, allowing you to listen to the inner voice more effectively. This simple practice builds faith. As you bite your tongue, you are reminding yourself that everything is going just as it needs to.
  2. Focus on Abundance… we have many physical blessings, so take note of what is good and available to you. Take extra time to look at your gifts and unique talents. What are your basic needs? You might find that you have far more than you could ever need. Take the time in the morning or evening to review the blessings you are grateful for each day. This will build momentum and is infectious, enjoy your wealth.
  3. See Challenges as Growth Opportunities… life offers many challenges. We can be our own ally through the right mindset around these challenges. Complaining or getting caught in self pity just magnifies and exacerbates the issue. We are happiest in our lives when we have purpose. Fulfillment comes through our triumph. There is unlimited purpose and fulfillment in self growth. The universe has provided you with a well stocked pantry of dutiful and meaningful tasks. You are the center of everything in your universe. When you improve that center, all else reflects that glory. Give those challenges, and yourself, the loving attention that they need to improve your life.
  4. Be Honest, Set Boundaries… don’t give your projections and assumptions the opportunity to write a narrative. Avoid potential drama and discomfort by facing things head on. It might be uncomfortable, but the discomfort is intentional growth. You are bound to reach a boundary point in all relationships, you cannot avoid it forever. Take a chance on you and be clear early and often. The other person might not like what you have to say, and they may not even respect it…GASP! This is good information to know, don’t invest in connections that don’t respect your boundaries. Without boundaries, you are a victim, a victim to yourself.

Rising Up

Many influences will seek to draw you into your past or down into the firefight. The temptation never really goes away, we just learn to be motivated by other factors.

As the world grows more and more weary of the old ways of being, it is a beautiful time to rise above and choose your direction. Keep your energy up, when it is low, take rest and refuge. Live to soar another day.

There is a balance between personal work and integration. When we strike this balance, we find strength and consistency as we work towards our goals. Knowing when to let go is just as important as knowing when to hold on.

Through dropping unnecessary weight, we can find lightness and clarity. Don’t head up that mountain tired and with a stone in your pack. Take care of yourself, and allow the lightness to lift you upward.

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