Jupiter and Pluto – A Light in the Dark

***For the purposes of explaining this connection, I have omitted the presence of Saturn during this time.

Jupiter meeting with Pluto is a connection of two very powerful influences. Pluto can be dark and unrelenting in its intensity, motivating us from behind the scenes. Pluto is associated with the soul, the part of life that is unseen. There is an oppressive energy to Pluto. Hades, the realm of Pluto, is simply a depth of heaven that we are not prepared to make use of. So true and primal (at the root of ‘what is’) that it would burn us down.
Stories perpetrated by the church speak of Hell and Satan as if they were something to avoid and not touch. Pluto tells us that these realms are very much alive and well, but they require discipline and awareness to master and keep in check. Avoidance of such influences leads to imbalance and an overall disempowerment, as we lean away from our true nature.

The imbalances in tyrannical governments are predicated upon the disempowerment of the citizens. Pluto, stolen/abandoned personal power.

Jupiter has a way of expanding everything it touches. The gaseous giant is as large as any planet chasing the Sun in our solar system. Jupiter is two and a half times larger than all of the other planets combined. It has similar composition to the Sun, helium and hydrogen, but not quite enough to begin the fission that we see in our Solar King.

Where Jupiter touches our lives, things become, inevitably, more obvious.

Jupiter is associated with abundance or overdoing it. Whether it is through our diet or our philosophies, Jupiter transits can have us taking in more than we are accustomed to. The major pitfall is that we can outstrip our resources, be overly optimistic, or simply be out of touch with reality.
When Jupiter and Pluto meet, we find a combination of stellar influences that brings the hidden to the surface. Depth, intensity, and expansion meet. Bringing out the ugliest and also most beautiful aspects of human nature. Beginning in 2020, these two planets are in quite a dance. April 4th, June 29th, and November 12th are key dates of the conjunction, but the influence is felt throughout the calendar year.

Pluto’s unconscious realms are penetrated by the light of Jupiter. Personally, this means there are certain parts of ourselves to which we have been blind. That moment when you rationalize something that goes against your day to day value system. It would be impossible to walk with your contradiction without shifting it. So, instead of empowering ourselves to change the habit, we relegate that knowledge to the underworld, it becomes suppressed. Thus our personal Plutonian depth is filled with our demons. Socially, there is another larger and deeper unconscious realm. Policies, communities, and businesses all have their inherent flaws and weak points. There are some jobs that no one wants to do, or talk about. The prison system, police brutality, factory farming are all examples of industries that require a certain level of collective unconscious. To reform them, we first must bring certain aspects of them to light.

Just this year, we have seen the collective taboo become mainstream. Pedophilia, racism, sexual abuse, corruption… you get the idea. The ongoing protests around police brutality are not based on anything new. These crimes have been occurring since police forces were created. Now, however, Jupiter is bringing it all to light in the public eye.

While Jupiter swings through Pluto’s neck of the zodiac for a year, Pluto will remain with its intensity and slow waltz. Retrograding back and forth over the same degree(s) for up to 5 years. Jupiter added enough light and inspiration to these hidden realms to have them break free of their chains. Thus, many issues have come to light. In an unrestrained and less than socially acceptable fashion, they are suddenly at the dinner table. These issues will take many years to integrate and make sense of. It is around 7 years from the point when Jupiter first comes into contact with Pluto in conjunction that it completes its opposition to Pluto, and vice versa. The opposition can be seen as the great ‘outer’ awakening. The conjunction as the great ‘inner’ awakening. Basically, things take time, so be patient and persistent.

So this is how we take our power back. We awaken to the places where we have given our power away. We make peace with ourselves, we work to reconcile the past. We continually dig deeper. The old way of doing things, the way that had us repressing and lying to ourselves, will not survive. No, Pluto will dissolve that entity entirely, paving a new path on which to build the future. It is a dreadful ending and bleak new beginning. Remember that the experience is a deeply provocative ego death.

The ego would like you to believe that your existence is dependent upon its health. Pluto is here to show you that it is the ego which interferes with the integration of soul.

The abuses of power come to light, never an easy thing to observe. Whether it is external, systemic racism/class warfare. Or it is internal, self denial and repression/suppression. The key is to be present and resilient. Some thoughts, memories, and secrets are buried so deeply that it would destabilize our entire psychological makeup to unearth them. Perhaps an explanation for the widespread panic, dread, and fear associated with the times.

The revelations dig so deep into our concept of existence that they summon the soul forward. Calling forth that which is unseen, a new and more determined sense of strength.

It is time, my friends, to look yourself squarely in the eye and tell the truth. That which is untenable will become unbearable. That which is unbearable will become unfathomable. That which is unfathomable, through deep self work and action, we can make impossible.

When we are willing to die to our ego, we are blessed with the abundance of the soul.

As I write on July 1st, 2020 we are halfway through this period. The truth is out there, just waiting to be revealed. Many truths that have been revealed and have been received by individuals. However, the collective is not quite ready for these truths. On a personal level, it is important to work on your attachment and your fears. Thus, you allow the truth to be received from a detached and neutral space. On a social level, we must work on compassion and community building. In addition, in order to accept these truths on a social level, we must be willing to put in work to restructure our society. As the current structures are still built off of the old ways of thinking and disempowerment.

For example, oil and coal are still used as prime sources of energy. The obvious truth to many, is that these are not the fuel sources of the future. They have their inherent pitfalls, these pitfalls are ignored socially (Pluto) and are vehemently denied by those who benefit off of them personally (Ego). Businesses around the world depend on machinery that only use this form of fuel. New technology brings us the opportunity to align our society with truth. When done efficiently, we can avoid catastrophic economic crashes. Thus, as we build solar arrays, wind farms, hydroelectric systems we are assisting the collective and social unconscious is implementing the new truth. Every dollar and moment your spend investing in sustainable ways of being, it makes a difference. From this perspective, the end of oil doesn’t seem so bleak, in fact it is an opportunity to improve everything on Earth. The looming demons of power hunger and greed are in our crosshairs.

  • Jupiter is here to awaken us to it.
  • Pluto is here to help us dissolve it, to bring it to its knees, to force the evolution.
  • Saturn is here to help us rebuild and conserve what we can.
  • Uranus is here to bring innovation to assist our evolutionary leap.
  • Neptune can give us just enough inspiration and insanity to make it through with a smile on our face.

These are light and free flowing interpretations, but remember that every movement of every planet plays a role. Not only in the collective, but in your personal chart.

Give yourself space to evolve. Work on your deepest fears and allow the newly opened spaces to be filled with light and inspiration. This is what you are here for.

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