Full Moon in Virgo :: Ready for Anything

The stellium in Aquarius has lightened a bit but still holds the attention of the masses. There is certainly a lot of heightened awareness these days. The full moon in Virgo makes strong aspects to Uranus, Chiron, and Saturn. This brings the practical side of Virgo into the conversation with Aquarius future mindedness. The balance isn’t the easiest, as Virgo and Aquarius speak different languages. Virgo is flexible and practical. Aquarius is rigid and unconventional. The two meet, however, in their love of positive progress. When handled well, these two can bring about changes that are both innovative and practically useful.

The last few weeks have highlighted the intensity of our world. Social circles impact us on a deep level. We take on the qualities and energies of those around us. Jupiter and Mercury are still playing out a dance that puts a magnifying glass to society, to social groups, to friend groups, and to how we envision the future.

The full moon in Virgo affords us the opportunity to release the excess and focus our emotive energy on shifting the future timelines. There is so much power to manifest now, but we have to stay grounded.

Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus in aspect to this moon give a sobering yet exotic feel. This allows us to rewrite narratives and to challenge convention, without trashing conventional progress. Confronting pain is a key part of growing as a person and as a group. Aquarius tells us that it must begin with the individual. Sun newly into Pisces tells us that nothing matters unless everything matters while the moon shows us how to improve the everything and the nothing. Anxiety could be high, but the key is to stay grounded. Practical steps towards everything you do. If a task is too large or daunting, take a seat and make a list. Take a seat and close your eyes. You aren’t required to do anything at all, it is a choice.

Through this process, we can all find a way to become lighter and clearer. This is important, as the world isn’t going to stop changing any time soon.


Join James for an intimate group call via Zoom.
Friday, February 26th 2021
8PM-9:30PM Eastern
5PM-6:30PM Pacific

  • Opening clearing
  • Breakdown of full moon astrology
  • Sharing circle (an open space to share a bit about your process)
  • Making use of the upcoming energy
  • Closing meditation

Space is limited to 11, reserve your space by filling out below and making donation (BELOW FORM).

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