You are Gonna Feel This…Venus in Pisces // February 25th – March 21st

The emotions are returning to the fold. Aquarius and Capricorn have ruled the roost. These signs are very focused on planning and progress. Aquarius fosters the conversation, floating above the emotional scene. Capricorn channels the emotional landscape into something workable. Pisces… will revel in the emotional context. Sometimes art is the act of flowing with the emotional body. The full moon in Virgo comes just after this ingress tomorrow evening, so if there is trepidation to jump into your feelings, just give it time.

Much like a well or a dam, it is possible to reservoir emotions. Blockages in the area of emotional expression bring imbalances, so any opportunity to cry, to laugh, to grieve, is a gift to your health and wholeness. Jupiter and Mercury complete a dance on March 4th that may have us erupting with expressive genius. The recent retrograde of Mercury in Aquarius is tying up some loose ends. Venus in Pisces allows us to clear out our artistic channels of the cosmic gunk that collects when we intellectualize our way out of love.

“We ride roller coasters into the ocean
We feel no emotion as we spiral down to the world
And I guess it’s worth your time
Because there’s some lives you live
And some you leave behind
It gets hard to explain” ~ Jeff Mangum

If you need to let it out, get it done. Breathing exercises are the most efficient way to begin the release. Once it starts flowing, don’t get in the way. You’ve seen those videos where people cut open a pool to drain it? Don’t get washed downstream, be an observer, the Virgo full moon is here to assist you.

Punch a pillow, then scream into it, then punch it. The pillow doesn’t mind this relationship.

Venus in Pisces can be so romantic that it attempts to avoid the bottom line. So set your intentions now as we build towards full moon in Virgo. The darkest nights come when we have spent our last ounces of energy avoiding the shadow. There is always an equal and opposite reaction. With Venus in the realms of Pisces, this manifests two fold. First, the energy required to block things out is massive, we are dancing with the interconnected universe, the ocean of existence. Secondly, the reaction can pull from the ‘all-that-is’. Past lives, future lives, alternate timelines and dimensions. Opposing signs in astrology are not enemies, they also aren’t incompatible, they are a high wire balancing act. Virgo is the perfect counterpoint to Pisces. Virgo is detailed, practical, service oriented awareness. Pisces is expanded, boundaryless, presence in the body of Spirit.

Without Pisces, Virgo is a nuisance and perfectionist, focusing on improvement without presence. Without Virgo, Pisces is a floating soul with unlimited potential and no useful place to put it. Remember that regardless of placements in our chart, we are everything, at all times.

How to thrive during this time

Plan less / do less… quality over quantity. If you want to do MORE of something, make it a daily habit, like doing yoga or meditation. Astral journeying is favored under Venus in Pisces. Remember to land back in your body before moving on to your day.
Structure something / anything… give yourself limits and boundaries. Maybe it’s how many cookies you eat, or how much time you spend on the phone. Knowing that you have structure can ease the existential anxiety that comes along with knowing that you are connected to all things at all times.
Leave room for rest… the processing that you are doing isn’t the type of thing that is seen or acknowledged by society. Check in with yourself. Take 20 minutes a day to put your feet up on the wall and listen to music that makes you feeeeeeel things.
Ground in with nature… the earth has a way of grounding the most magical things. People work tirelessly to create virtual reality and the technology to run it. Ummm, go study a tree, or watch a bird in flight. You don’t need electronics, nature’s reality heals the body.
Take less of medicines… we are extra sensitive to the mind altering effect of drugs and alcohol during this time. If you are going to imbibe, proceed with caution. You can always have more later.
Fact check everything…. under this influence, we can become wrapped up in the collective movements. When it FEELS right, it IS right! But wait, that’s not how it works. Some people might WANT something so bad that they do their damndest to convince you of what is right for YOU. Not cool, don’t fall victim, do your research. STOP LETTING PEOPLE TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE.

Channel Pisces

There are very few things that must be said. The world speaks in energy and we are here using words to uncover a piece of it’s mystery. Meanwhile, the body and it’s visceral responses tell us all we need to know. The silence of snow falling in a meadow. The beauty of a the chest as it rises and falls in sleep, you are alive. Dance with the fairies, they have been here longer than you, and will continue to exist long after you’ve gone. You can taste the eternal nature of existence beyond this physical display. Animals know, even the human ones. We call it play, with our limited and curse words. The labels don’t help us to hear, they only deafen our hearts. Internal screams don’t need interpretation, let it out, let it cry, you are lighter for it. Perhaps we are protected, behind our egoic definition of time and space, but from what? At what cost? As a doctor told me as a child, you need this medication… the fuck I do, I need some meditation. On my path, on my choices, on my environment, on whether or not I need your advice, fine sir. Every difficulty has a solution, often in the same place where it burgeoned. Look around you with fresh eyes, with emotional awareness, and see what there is to see, the glory that BE.

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