New Moon in Pisces // A Way Forward

Amidst the dreamy backdrop of existence, there is a specific point that is your body. Within you lies the codes that will unfold. Moment to moment, day to day, year to year.

The new moon in Pisces is a moment we have all been waiting for. The new moon is a time of less activity. Our internal tide is low, there is room for response and receptivity. The cosmic ocean seems more still than usual. We have the opportunity to explore without the exaggerated emotional feeling of the full moon.

Neptune and Venus add softness, dreaminess, and a sensual presence. This combination is nothing short of blissful and psychedelic. Neptune and the moon share an intuitive quality. Neptune sees beyond all that is traditionally perceived, while the moon feels that which is not seen on the surface. I have heard Neptune described as the Moon of the solar system. So as the Sun blazes high in the sky, it receives the moon and blends with Neptune.

In addition, Venus makes its trip back from the underworld, soon to peak out from the far side of the Sun. This is the end of a leg of Venus’ journey. Venus adds a visceral element to this intuitive mixture. Our feeling body is aligned with the lunar silence and the spiritual heights of Neptune working through our local Solar Star. Venus is magic.

Venus isn’t just about feelings, relationships, and love. It’s not just about beauty and sensuality. Venus is the transmitter of the magical energy connecting all things. Venus’ retrograde creates a ripple in the ether that is palpable. It is a time when we rethink how we feel. That subtle energetic realm of feelings is where we tap into our magic.

With Venus involved as well, the deep recesses of Pisces Neptune hit home in a sobering and deep fashion. Try not to take yourself too seriously, cause there are larger forces at work, and they are seeking to speak to you.

Thriving During this Lunation

  1. Pisces asks us to diversify… if you put all your eggs in one basket, this new moon have have you feeling lonely and ineffectual. Not getting the same rise out of what you are doing. Pisces embodies the ‘is’ that is all. There is little difference in the quality of a billionaire or a houseless person living on the streets. In the same vain, everything has its own unique gifts to share with us. One dietary schema doesn’t fit all people. One religious or spiritual teaching doesn’t fit all beings. In order to grasp the breadth and magic of the universe, we need to extend out of our comfort zone and taste a new flavor. If we choose not to, we will feel the smallness of our zone of influence, knowing there is more to explore. Take a trip, try new food, drive a new way home, make a new friend, take a chance on something that you once thought you’d never do.
  2. Talk to your guides… this can be whatever you imagine. Some clients I work with see their deceased relatives speak to them. That is one end of the spectrum, some just pray and meditate to hear their higher self. Whatever way you do it, it’s time to have a check in. Flip a tarot card, get a reading with an astrologer or psychic. This could just mean talking to someone you trust, someone that knows you well. At the very least, take some quiet time in a peaceful place and just lay down and listen. The body talks as well, remember that they are here to guide you, your vessel for experiencing life on Earth.
  3. See the greatest outcomes possible… Mars’ recent ingress into Gemini has our bodies and minds buzzing with possibilities. Match this with the epic magic of this new moon, and ANYTHING is possible. The year 2021 is ruled by the square between Saturn and Uranus, and this new moon lies directly between the two (semi-square). Saturn and Uranus square is old vs new, change vs stasis, technology vs traditional means. It can be tense, and undoubtedly it will be, as all unexpected changes (Uranus) to convention (Saturn) are. We feel the tension in our society and in our social structures. There is always a solution, but finding it requires bravery, commitment and patience. With Uranus involved, we might just have to take some chances. This moon lying at the midpoint of the Saturn Uranus square speaks to a ‘Path Forward’. In the quiet, magical, dreamy dark of the new moon, there is a gift which allows us to transcend the suffering and fear. Unity is possible, we can find a way to move forward without crucifying those who got us here. We can move forward together, with respect, dignity, and honor.


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Opening clearing
Breakdown of New Moon astrology
Sharing circle (an open space to share a bit about your process)
Making use of the upcoming energy
Closing meditation


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As a Healer and Astrologer, James uses his gifts of intuition, wisdom, and empathy to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients. He speaks the language of astrology in ways that are practical and responsible, enabling the client to benefit deeply from each session. 

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