Censoring our Growth

Instead of practicing consistent boundaries, many who are newly awakening would prefer to stop the information before it begins to hit home. It is a scary world, that is why humans repress and suppress their authentic expression in the first place. As the planetary alignments, galactic waves, and solar flares disable our self delusion systems, things come to a head.

It’s not protecting you

The act of blocking out information completely is symbolic of the inability to hold various viewpoints at once. The individual who refuses to acknowledge an opposing argument is easily swayed. They are grasping to their small bit of conviction that was likely co opted from another movement. To face a reasonable argument with a passionate following behind it is far too challenging for them at this time. Something within them cannot hear the opposing or differing view. Their investment in their personal idealism is simultaneously too reactive and too weak to face the potential of there being more than one way of being.

To believe that we must censor certain types of information, especially opinion based content, creates a backwards slide for the communities implicated. It wreaks of disempowerment and distrust. It implies the idea that we need to be protected from information. This just indicates that humans are easily manipulated, swayed, and convinced of things. This is true, but taking away different forms of influence will not cause people to become more discerning. If anything, it will lead them to be even more easily duped and convinced. When any system is not working with all possible data sets, its conclusions will be inaccurate.

Much like raising a child, you can’t just protect them from every challenging circumstance. They need to have repeated exposure to difficult situations and learn new skills through confronting them. The censorship that is happening today is not protecting anyone. This isn’t a ‘stay off the mountaintop during a lightning storm’ situation. This is more of a ‘that idea might make you think something’ situation. Guess what, we need not be protected from these things.

If we were attempting to protect people from certain ideas, we may want to consider the brainwash that occurs in churches, the military, on television, and in schools. Wanna protect people from damaging cult like thinking… start there.

It is a human right to be able to think the way that we want. It is especially important that there is a voice for the opposing viewpoint. In an increasingly globalized society, without dissent, the whole landscape slides in one precipitous direction.

Where is the personal empowerment revolution? Who of you out there is staying quiet as the fearful and groupthink mobs patrol the infosphere virtue signaling and witch hunting?

Personal disempowerment is the such a tragic thing to witness. Those who own their power can achieve amazing things regardless of their circumstance. Whilst those who are disempowered (give their power away) are simply a shadow of themselves, regardless of the riches they amass.

Our world is not stronger because of forcing anyone into doing anything, that is fear parading around as virtue.

Let’s envision and help create a world where people can dissent and disagree. We are the ones who need to watch the government agencies. We are the ones who need to hold these people accountable. The police, government, and corporations won’t just watch themselves. We must be able to question what is going on. In order to do that, we have to be willing to wade into the murky waters of social dialogue and debate. If we quiet the voices before they are heard, we are all losers.

Please practice being open. Please practice being wrong with grace. Your over identification with an idea, a political party, a diet, a team… it’s all just weighing you down. Carry yourself forward with some dignity, your intellectual pride is an a bad look.

The soul reigns from a place beyond duality. All sides, working together, create a ladder we can climb towards higher understanding. There is part of your soul that sees all of this. The further we delve into oppositional binary arguments, the more disconnected we become from that soul viewpoint.

Looking for hell, climb down…
Looking for heaven, climb up…

It only takes a minute of patience. It only requires a moment of compassion. It just requires you to endure someone else’s truth for a second. That is what it takes to feel better. That is what it takes to foster acceptance and begin to build ladders to the heavens.

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