Taurus is Here

The tropical zodiac feels the shift. The sun enters Taurus and everything begins to settle in. The days of go go go subside and we begin to feel the weight of existence. In this state there is little room for buzzing about and starting things we will never finish. Over the first few days of this solar transit, you gotta cut the fat, the excess, the unnecessary. So let it go with grace, you’ll get back to it when you feel like it.

How IS your body right now? Do you have needs and desires that have been ignored or put on the backburner? Well, they are about to speak with a deeper and more insistent tone. There is no denying the Earth. The Earth just is, it’s not a debate.

Ideas, wishes and dreams spurred forward by the Aries season and taken to the Nth degree by the Neptune Jupiter conjunction are gonna fall. Once they hit the Earth, they will either thrive or die, at their own sustainable pace.


Practicality is an indication of how easily something can come into manifestation. While the impractical is also very possible with effort and ingenuity, we want to ensure that the core of our efforts involve that which is likely. This builds the foundation for that which requires ingenious and impractical moves.

If you have zero in your bank account, you cannot purchase items that you can turn into a profit. Think of practicality this way. If you cannot manage the basic ways of relating with another person, how can you expect to have a magical and long lasting connection?

Another way of saying this is ‘start small’. Begin with the basics, and if you are ever overwhelmed or tired, come back to the basics.

Knee Deep in the Thicc

Something about the gravity changes during Earth seasons. During Taurus, this is especially salient. The fixed energy looms large. It’s all a little bit heavier as the density shows itself.

The heavier the awareness, the more likely we are to dissect things with our sensual awareness. This can motivate us to change things at the core.

How perturbed do you have to be to notice things? A single gnat flying near your head isn’t that big of a deal. If it goes up your nose, well then you might want to do something about it. If the water in your apartment is cold in August, not a big deal. In February, you might want to do something about it.

Taurus’ Venusian connection can have us really feeling things. The texture of everything is a little bit more visceral and available. This accentuated awareness can cause us to both struggle and enjoy ourselves on a new level.

People take certain drugs to feel things MORE or to feel things LESS. Ideally, you wouldn’t smoke a bunch of cannabis before a corporate interview. However, that might be exactly what you want to do at an EDM festival.

Some of the stuff that comes up during this time will be harder than it was before, that’s a given. At the same time, some of the things we experience can be pure bliss and peace. All things have their balance, and during Taurus season the balance is that we feel things more intensely.

If you can get into it, you’ll really enjoy yourself. Try to let your body be the guide even moreso these days.

When you walk through two inches of water, there is little resistance.
When you walk through three feet of water, it is a lot harder, even though you are covering the same ground.

Taurus season thickens the energetic atmosphere so we must move slower. Steady progress is the key.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus has been in Tropical Taurus for a few years now and is currently right smack dab in the middle of the fixed Earth sign.

This isn’t the most fun combination, as Uranus generally seeks to advance and electrify everything that it touches. The realm of Taurus does not like to be prodded, poked, and disturbed but this is exactly what we have.

The Sun passing by Uranus will definitely amp up the energies, this will always be the case regardless of the sign. That means we may have some extra energy especially between the 1st and 10th of May (10th of May Jupiter enters Aries).

Even more than ramping up the electrical energy in the air, this will also bring to the surface of our lives (the Sun) the issues implicated by the Uranus transit to Taurus over the last year. Historically, Uranus in Taurus has been a time of extensive land grabs by those in power. Right now we see the housing market losing it’s shit, we see a war over land, we see intellectual real estate as well being preyed upon by those who already have more than they need.

Expect this month to bring out the issues we need to talk about. Privacy, freedom of expression, property, taxation, and abuses of power. These are all important aspects to any society but are generally not talked about unless there are some serious issues. Luckily for us, there are plenty of reasons to discuss these things.

There could definitely be a more balanced place for Uranus, but it is what it is. Because of this presence, it is vital that we know when there is too much or things have gone too far. Avoid being swept up and away in ideology or passion. If you can do this, you will definitely get to the root of some long standing issues.

Socially, these issues will evolve and likely play out until 2026 when Uranus shifts into Tropical Gemini. Be patient, make small steps towards a better world. Support the causes that deconstruct centralized power. Localized communal movements are the healing energy we all need. If it happens close to you, it is important. If it is further away, try no to get too involved.

!! CHECK IN !!

How are you feeling? How is your heart rate? Are there some things that you feel like you HAVE to get done? Take a moment to write them down… take a few deep breaths and get it all out on paper.
Now that you have this list, choose one thing you are going to do tomorrow and one that you have decided you are not going to get to. Feel the relief.

The Body of God

Enjoy the month, give yourself time to relax and take in the fact that you are IN A BODY!
Any existing health conditions can be remedied with your focus and dedication, not with one time treatments. Change your habits, change your life.
The body talks, listen to it!

As a cell in the body of God, it is your responsibility to listen to your intelligent vehicle. Anything that clouds your vision and distorts your body’s messages will cause you to have to retrace your steps back to coherence with self. You cannot escape the divine messages your body gives you.

Use this time to honor the peace of knowing your body. Health and wellness is an ongoing task. Take time to build a sturdy foundation and uproot the pesky habits that cause weakness.

What a chance to honor what you’ve been given. The Earth loves you so much that now, you get to play in a body. Flesh and blood, all coming from the organic material of the Earth. <3


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