Mercury Retrograde May 2022 :: Secrets Revealed

Overall, the period of retrograde deepens the power and expression of the planet. Simultaneously, the area of the zodiac being covered by the planet is being explored and uncovered in a thorough and more penetrating fashion.

As of May 10th, Mercury enters its retrograde.
Spanning 4° Gemini and 26° Taurus.
Forward motion beginning on June 3rd.
Pre-shadow April 26th.
Post-shadow June 18th.

As of this post, it is April 26th…Mercury will recover this ground by the end of May. That means, whatever issues are coming up right now might just be lingering about come that time.

Be patient, gather information. If there are delays in what you desire, don’t get too surprised, things simply take time to work out. It’s not as easy as ‘this happens because this happened’. Life is actually more complicated that we can imagine or would ever want to know.

What is being worked on right now is being reworked at a deep level. The resurrection of the currents ‘catastrophes’ will be just that, a rebirth. Systems that undergo occasional oversight may now require a full point inspection and overhaul.

During the retrogrades, we get to look just a bit deeper into that mystery as things slow down, intensify, and move in strange ways. It’s a great time to set things straight, which, I cannot stress enough, takes time.

Hermes goes Deeper

Mercury Rx in general. A time when our thinking and communications deepen. They come from a more thoughtful and considerate place. This can have the effect of confusing or changing our normal patterns of giving and receiving information. Miscommunications are common because of the many layers of awareness that we have to juggle during this time.

When a planet is retrograde, it is actually closer to the Earth than at any other point. Just like any energy that is physically closer to you, it becomes more powerful.

In addition, planets in retrograde move at variable speeds and even come to a seeming stop two times (station retrograde and station direct).
1. The variable speed allows the planetary influence to deconstruct and penetrate stable and comfortable patterns.
2. The stillness allows the planet to concentrate energy and focus on the issues it brings up.

In general, Mercury, when retrograde, shines a light on the way we communicate. The way we connect. The way we travel. The way we make connections in our minds (thoughts). Mercury retrograde sees a stone and turns it over. Mercury at normal speed uses the stones as a pathway for efficient travel and communication.

The more time we have to consider something, the more likely we are to extrapolate on it. For some things, such as research and exploration, this is very helpful. (Although it is important to understand that conclusions are not generally drawn from Mercury Rx, however it is the info discovered that later leads to new revelations about the issue at hand). Long story short, don’t jump to conclusions.

For other issues, such as communication with a partner or how to handle a delicate social situation, this energy is less than helpful. When Mercury is emphasized like this, it is easy to lose ourselves in thoughts. We can relive and rehash situations that, in the end, require nothing from us either than to move on. This is not to say that some situations don’t require discourse and meditation. However, if you find yourself ruminating or obsessing, practice changing the subject, go outside, or just ask for forgiveness and move on. Long story short here, if it seems to be going nowhere helpful, leave it alone. It will revisit after the Rx if you need it.

The best advice I can offer during Mercury Retrograde is…

‘Don’t allow your mind to lead your heart’

Important to any planetary transit such as a retrograde are the aspects the planet makes during that time.

Mercury Trine Pluto

A recent post about this aspect on FB

The most prominent aspect created during this time :: As of the 25th of April, Mercury is in trine to Pluto (first of three exact hits April 27th). Mercury will also retrograde into a trine with Pluto. Active dates for this aspect :: May 23rd-June 10th. (Pluto turns Rx on the 29th of April)

A trine is an aspect of easy release. A planet in trine to another will facilitate an easeful flow of energy. This sounds like a good thing, right? Well, not always. Pluto represents the expression of power and even domination, while at the same time implicating secrets and withheld information. Mercury is the great distributor and communicator of energy. As Pluto is trine 3x’s over the next 45 days, we can expect to see information that was hidden come to the surface. Not only that, but as Pluto represents the holding of immense wealth and power, we can expect to see money, assets, and energy changing hands (being communicated / Mercury).


The transaction between Elon Musk and Twitter (with the involvement of the even more wealthy Morgan Stanley READ MORE HERE) is a great example of this energy. A unconscionable (Pluto) sum of money and assets/loans (Pluto) changing hands / being sent (Mercury) for acquisition of a highly influential and powerful (Pluto) social media / communications (Mercury) company.

If you recall, this deal was initially nixed in an attempt to block the purchase by inciting what is called the poison pill (a silly thing rich people do to get away with illegal activities LEARN MORE). Now, that Mercury trine Pluto becomes the dominant aspect, it goes through... ease of flow my friends.

So remember, as this plays out, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. I expect that we will know the true motivations and involvement of currently hidden partners by mid June. Perhaps, just perhaps, this acquisition will be, in the long run, what exposes us to helpful (before hidden) information. Thanks Mercury! Leave no stone unturned.

Go explore!
Use the energy of Mercury and Pluto to explore the mysteries of your life and your existence. This is a wonderful time to ignore the basic run of the mill narratives out there. With this transit going on, it is likely that all surface level communications and storylines are simply a way of covering up something deeper. Pluto seeks to expose the truth by all means necessary and Mercury will work it’s damndest to ensure that we all receive at least a hint of the message.

In the end, if you don’t see what is going on here, there are two options…
1. The lie benefits you… makes you comfortable, makes you money, is easier than the truth.
2. You just don’t want to look… you are stuck in your ways, identifying with the past in light of new and obvious truths.

Either route, it won’t end well for you. You will be left feeling powerless and persecuted. Until, in the end, you accept that things aren’t as they seem and perhaps never were. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of people who knew all along but also knew that you and those around you weren’t ready for the truth to be fully exposed. That is called compassion.

Final Notes

Mercury won’t do anything that you don’t consciously choose or approve of. You have free will and you can do whatever you’d like with the time you are given here. As this time of deep thoughts and exposing communications unfolds, be sure to take your heart and intuition into account.

If you cannot be helpful or effective in a situation, consider whether or not it is truly wise to be involved. Even if you believe the world is collapsing, if you cannot help in the situation, you are better off going about your day and enjoying your moments.

The media in all its forms are in one way or another a distraction from your soul’s journey. They play a role, yes, as all things are divine. At a certain point, however, the divine blueprint has been pretty bleached out of things. Know it when you see it.

Any entity that seeks to influence your daily decisions in the name of fear or righteousness has an agenda. To acquiesce to their demands and overtures is to sublimate your free will into robotic allegiance to a machine.

Try not to overthink things. Get into some mystery and area of study that really intrigues you. If your mind gets bored, try mediation, an exercise regimen, yoga, or intermittent fasting. Try to feed your desires with healthier options. Only you know what those are for you.

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