Hold Space for Global Healing

Iranian authoritarian expression is a monstrosity. A projection of an old way of being that is begging to be challenged, brought down, and changed. From a distance, we can imagine something better.

Locally, we can treat each other with respect and have gratitude for the freedoms we do have.

Ensure that in all you do, you are respecting women and the sensitivities and power they carry.

Men are powerful as well, holding such a beautiful energy. This being said, use that masculine power to defend and honor the life bringing creative power of the women in your life.

The old paradigms are falling, and I send love and gratitude to those who lose their lives, freedom, and positions of power to reinforce what we all know is right.

The traumas long forgotten feed the imbalanced masculine paradigm as it currently shows itself on the Earth. We attempt to heal division and trauma through traumatizing our ‘enemies’ who themselves are mere projections of our subconscious pain bodies. We are terrified of our own vulnerability, but this, my friends, is our deepest power.

Healing comes from feeling, expressing, discomfort. Like new life being born from the body of women, it’s uncomfortable to do something new, but what choice do we have? Do we die on the hill of stubbornness?

The traumas of the past are reawakening, let’s pull the pins out of this monster for good.

May all beings be safe ☮️

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