Monday November 14th
Don’t get carried away… or DO!

Photo :: Monument Creek, South Rim, Grand Canyon

The highly activated energy of Sunday the 13th takes on a new expression.

The moon shifted from a sensitive place to an expressive space. The world seeks to be seen, while others seek to control what is seen, as it may show more than they would prefer.

If you are feeling deeply about something that happened this weekend, get out into the sun seek self acceptance. What others think and how they respond is indicative of their experience more than yours. That being said, perhaps you have some apologies to make, that is for you to decide.

Pluto is being supported (sextiles) on both sides by Venus and Jupiter, while these two planets work together (trine) to bring out the highest ideals and rich feelings. It is likely that there is a mismatch between what we would like to see and how things look. This is a natural part of growth! Enjoy it, be the dreamer, make plans to better yourself and the world around you.

In addition, today the Sun works with Neptune (trine). Maybe some of these dreams are in reach, but something that is out of our control just resists, resists, resists. Try not to waste your time on people and places that don’t want to hear it. They need their space to live their own dreamscape, find playfulness, from there, great achievements seem effortless. Today is a wonderful day to get in touch with your artistic side.

A major theme of the Mars retrograde is in full swing. Mars is backing its way into a square with Neptune. This can bring a lot of confusing energy and information to the surface. Things can seem much worse or better than they actually are. In addition, we might be making a mountain out of a molehill. Just keep in mind that this aspect is active for an extended period of time now and also into the depth of winter. Some of the info that is being displayed is a hint of what lies behind, disguised, and shrouded in distraction. Let things play out before deciding what is happening or choosing sides. If something is taking longer than normal, know that the appropriate circuits are aligning. Like trying to find the right cable for your life “is it micro USB, mini USB, or USB-C?” to really plug in, technical difficulties, too much info…

Obviously there is always right and wrong, so be kind, be patient, but do not let someone else tell you how to live, act, or think. Honestly, no one truly knows what is unfolding, we are in this mess together. Through these confusing and confounding times, we are forced to evolve and dig deep to find patience and understanding. It is easy to put on a good face when the sun is shining and there is money in your pockets. When the well runs dry, and the bills come, can you still find it in your heart to be conscientious, ethical, and helpful?

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