A Dose of Reality :: 9.29.17

We have done it, as a collective consciousness, we have survived a late degree aspect between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.  The final hit occurring with Uranus in retrograde, not the easiest way to integrate something on a psychological level.  You can see it in the media, people offended all over the place.  To me, the scattering energy of this highly energetic transit had us “less than buddhic”.  Within this most recent transit, humanity seems to have found itself with WAY too much to handle.  Global leaders are seemingly puzzled as to how to act like adults.  Meanwhile, social media and social opinion is more about arguing and expressing one’s opinion than actually getting to the root of issues.

I can’t say that my life has been very different during these times.  If you were born around 1981-1983, these times may have you questioning your very existence.  Pluto transits aren’t the easiest, and this aspect between Uranus and Jupiter has been quite cutting, to the energetic bone.  The good news is that you are done with Jupiter exacerbating the underlying trauma and pain within our collective consciousness as a generation… at least for the next 3 years.  In addition, never again will the two planets work together to force evolution of the deepest parts of your consciousness.

To get back to the current transition, let me first speak on what I see in the awakening of the planet into the Aquarian age.

Small shifts on a consistent basis make a huge difference… Aspects between the outer planets are inevitable and in fact quite predictable, these happen over time and are generational.  While these transits and aspects are impactful, they are always occurring at a consistent pace and will continue to do so, guiding us forward at a steady clip.


What is different, however, during these times, is the consistent seemingly coincidental small shifts that, without a discerning eye, one might miss.  For instance, planets coming out of intense aspects within 24-48 hours of other planets leaving/entering a retrograde period.  These small factors, occurring on a daily or weekly basis, provide an impetus for change and growth where one might normally get a short breather.  Just as a 5 minute meditation on a daily basis can change your soul, so can a nagging injury with each step turn your life upside down.  During this time, we are simply not getting that ‘break’.  With each passing day, more and more transits are coinciding as if they were waiting for their appointments and lining up to take their place in the collective consciousness.  I guess this is a great metaphor for one’s life.

Take one minute out of every hour just to breathe and be grateful, for it is the small and consistent practices that truly shift you entire reality.

Coming from my Virgo moon, I so know this to be true.  Often massive endeavors begin with great zeal, but peter out before reaching their ability to effect lasting change.  Drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning will have a much more profound effect on your health than doing a three day fast once a year.  (not that there is anything wrong with fasting, you would be surprised how well you can function without food).

Here is what is up right now…

As we mentioned, the Jupiter Uranus cycle has lasted from December 2016 until September 28th 2017.  During this time Jupiter made a square aspect to Pluto as it danced through Libra.  Now, we have Pluto coming out of it’s deep sleepy retrograde cycle as of September 29th.  Yes, that is Pluto going direct.

Pluto going direct means that things are about to get just a bit more serious.  It is an opportunity to cut through the BS and become useful, lively, passionate beings about things that really matter to us.  Now I realize that each life is about the individual, so not all things will mean the same to each person… but, we will find out what is important on both a global and personal scale.

With the scattering of energy that just occurred in this Jupiter Uranus opposition, there is a lot to ‘get to the bottom of’.  I am not sure I need to share the details, but more than a few cans of worms have been opened and dispersed amongst the collective during this time.  Pluto going direct says ‘get a hold of yourself.  Slow down, take stock, dig in, and fight for what you believe in’.

Time to clean up

This represents a great test for humanity in and of itself as Pluto awakens.  To boot, in less than two weeks, Jupiter will enter into the sign of Scorpio, the sign associated with Pluto… the dance continues.

Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio deserves it’s own description as the time comes.  For the next few weeks, realize that we have a lot of unnecessary files to sort through before we can get to the bottom of things, on both a personal level, and on a social collective level.

“As always, choose observation over judgement, and kindness over hate.  If you cannot respect the honest expression of another, don’t expect the universe to do the same for you.  We will address injustices that are endemic to the system, don’t try to fight an individual who you believe is just responding to the programming that they have been given.  Band together and converse, make a plan and keep building your communities.  Focus on what is sustainable and what is meaningful to you, and find a way to accomplish your goals with as little resistance to the current system as possible.  If you are not spreading helpful vibes, expect others to get in your way.  There is certainly no hurry with Pluto involved, but there is sure to be a passion to get things ‘right’ down to their very core.  Let us pray for peace and unity, if that is what you seek.”

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