Ending Toxic Connections

If you think it's about them, it's about you. Even if you consider someone is toxic, it is you that is 'considering' and involving that person in your life.

Toxicity is not an illwilled one sided activity, it is two people coming together as themselves that leaves one or both people drained of vitality.

If you can't seem to remove a seemingly 'toxic' person from your life, look deeper into your rationale for keeping them around. It takes two to tango, and it is likely that you don't want to be separated from them because you will have to accept the 'toxicity' on your side.

Toxic is asking for someone else to complete you, for validation, for love that you have yet to give yourself.

Many choices FEEL right at the time, that is because your body is programmed by your thoughts and habits to reward you for certain choices, even outmoded and destructive ones. This is why breaking a habit of addiction FEELS bad.

It begs you to view life and choose for yourself from a higher level, as the desire and emotional body will say "NO why are we changing?"

Don't be run by emotion, break free and choose your reality. Take responsibility for your state and your choices. You don't have to change the world, just your reality 💖

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