Guardians of the Awakening

Life offers opportunities to share yourself and your experience with others.
This is not a run of the mill, ho hum chance, it is divine. Now I am not one to lower myself to any higher power, as I believe whatever it is ‘out there’ that sees more than myself is also within the fabric of that which I am. However, maybe we take some time to ceremonialize the act of interacting with one another.
approach the divine with confidence and self centeredness, humility does not implicate giving away your power
Each person you encounter is a gift, a blessed star shining before you, reflecting back your soul and spirit lessons. Many people feel reverant when they hold their baby or when they see their lover after a time away. In contrast, we often view other’s expressions, struggles, cries for attention, and desperate desires for love as boring, bothersome, or petulant.
I am guilty of this and I know it. There are moments and days where the sight of someone can make me want to tune out and walk away with my head down.
My goal, with each passing day and moment, is to encounter the world with more love and acceptance. Regardless of my inner judgements, which happen, I admit it, I seek and work to approach every interaction from my open heart and vulnerable soul.
The world is a troubling mess these days, people just can’t wait to blame this person for that or hate someone else for whathaveyou.
I have that instinct, to protect my fragile ego via projection, blame, and victim mentality. But you know what, I choose to do something about it. While the patterns may continue within my conscious and unconscious mind, I work diligently to stop the spread of such a disempowering and insidious process. In the end, I just have to hold onto the divinity in each one of us.
Whether it is the injustices of the world as seen via social media, or specific abuse of power by local authorities on my person, I keep that faith.
The people of this planet are doing what they do and have the right to choose their reality. Just as one may choose to abuse another, another may choose to be abused by others or themselves.
I keep myself out of the way and out of the fray. If you step on my turf, I will confidently and vibrantly express to you my discontent until you back off or change your ways. If I find myself guilty of abusing another, which certainly happens, I will work diligently to recognize and eliminate the outer projection and own my hurt, pain, sorrow, or whatever other unrecognized pattern is motivating my aggression.
Regardless of the evolution of the pattern in a relationship, you can always own your part and offer love as a solution. Starting from your center, give yourself the space to see what you are doing or allowing to happen. From that place, understand that the other is simply a teacher. Remember that some lessons are to set firm boundaries and express yourself strongly enough to stop abuses to your person. No one owes you anything, and once you learn this, you will no longer feel indebted to others, to society, to your parents, to God.
Peacefulness starts from within, and while that sounds like some over spiritualized jargon, I have laid it out in a very practical form. If you, yourself, are agonizing over your life experience and handing your power away, there will never be peace internally, and there will never be peace externally.
This planet is undergoing an awakening of the inner most depths. Things that have been suppressed for millennia are coming to light. Before these patterns start to tear a whole in the fabric of our interconnected love for one another, let us be the guardians at the gate of our conscious awareness.
As above so below
Filter that which arises via loving awareness and through taking responsibility for your inner state.  From this point of understanding, all things are possible, and your frustrations and angst can be channeled towards real, sustainable shifts.

Xx Every appointment is a divine appointment xX

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