A Story of Awakening

My name is James Ray.  I stand here now, on the verge of my 36th solar return.  I am a crystal enthusiast, tree and cactus hugging, astrological counselor and intuitive healer.  I pull cards everyday, I journal until I cry, I seek wisdom from oracles and tarot cards.  It hasn’t been that long that I have been in this world, but it feels like eternity.  Here is a bit about my transition, much love…


At the age of 27, I had never even considered the idea of a crystal. I had certainly seen them here and there, but never really gave it a second thought.  In much the same way, I have never considered the practice of meditation or the idea of a soul/spirit outside of this physical life.  I was in fact, plugging along, finding the best ways to fill my time.  One day, however, that all changed.


To make a long story short, I began feeling ‘less than satisfied’ with my job, my relationships, my daily life.  In an attempt to expand my worldview, I began attending events in my area in Brooklyn. One event was described as a ‘Dance Party’ and so I arrived, ready for the typical ‘dance’ scene as I had known it.  Drinking, smoking, loud music, dim lights, and an overall feeling of being trapped in someone’s basement.  What I discovered, however, was a Kirtan and healing dance journey.

At the time, a young and handsome man who called himself Aloka was hosting the circle. I was at the end of a long and meaningful relationship that had simply seen us both outgrow one another. She, an artist pursing her MFA and I, a transitioning preschool teacher making ends meet through odd baby sitting jobs and selling homemade food to friends.  We were on different paths, but how different they were had yet to be fully unveiled.


I have to be honest, at that point, seeing men singing and chanting made me more than uncomfortable.  In fact, I do believe I laughed at what was going on, protecting my fragile sense of identity from the openheartedness in front of me.  Now I am not saying that I today believe that singing and sharing in circle is always the ideal way to do things, but I do host fire circles at my home on the new and full moons (just 8 years later).

So here I was, seemingly having not found at all what I was looking for, interrupting an attempt to bring community together with my cynical laughter.  Well, it was at that moment that I caught eyes with another person who seemed to be feeling much the same way that I was.  I said to my partner “I’m gonna go talk to that person.”  So I did, and my life changed at that instant.


It was at this galactic outpost we call Earth at a gathering space in the metropolis of NYC called the Dzong that I met Meltem. She too had eyes like some recently awoken being, pure, bright, and penetrating. Despite her less than conventional look I immediately felt comfortable, like I was in the presence of family, a piece of me even.  We both did our best to not laugh or disrupt the proceedings but I can’t say that I was successful.  In the end, I asked how I could stay in touch and we shared contact.  Before we departed, she offered an invitation to a meditation class that was held weekly, hosted by a man in his home. I immediately declined and instead thought I may never see this person again.


Over the next few weeks, I just kept feeling more and more disconnected from life, from my family, from my work, from my partner.  I shared emails with Meltem over those few weeks and found them very supportive and uplifting.  Finally, after realizing I had to try something, I decided to accompany Meltem to this meditation class on a blustery NYC evening in late March.


What followed is nothing that I could have ever expected.  Within minutes of entering a small studio apartment in Chelsea I was greeted warmly and felt comforted by every unfamiliar yet familiar face.  Having never consciously meditated in my life, within minutes of entering I closed my eyes and was being guided on a journey involving ascended beings, angels and archangels, galactic masters and some familiar terms from my catholic upbringing.  Something was happening, my gut was relaxing, my tension was releasing, and my inner world was filled with bright and incredible poignant images.  When the initial meditation had ended, I felt like someone had ironed my into the couch.

Very Relaxed Dog.jpg

Over the next hour I listened to a conversation and talk unfold about ET’s, past lives, mystery schools, crystals, psychic attachments, and speaking to spirits.  All of these things were completely new to me.  There were crystals on the table in front of me, and I was eager to hold them and get to know them.

*Get to know the amazing man who led the gatherings Pierre Dubois, a being deserving of your time and interest.  Or get his book on Amazon, a staple in my self awareness library A Primer for Ascension.

At this time in my life, if something was new and out of left field or even slightly spiritual/religious, I was a NO from the get go.  However, I found myself just observing.  For the first time in as long as I could remember, I was experiencing a completely new way of looking at things without a shred of judgement or fear.  I took this as a sign that I had likely found at least a piece of what I had been looking for.

Over the next three years I attended the meditation class twice a week.  I followed a protocol at home that had me mediating for hours a day, doing breathing techniques, and expressing mantras and affirmations in the mirror.  In addition, these shifts motivated me to be a more authentic person overall.  I had very little interest in drinking or going to bars.  I lost my appetite for certain types of food and certain types of company.  I took my life more seriously as I was encountering my soul for the very first time in this incarnation.



Some of the changes were shocking, some of them were amazing as they had been just what I was waiting for.  Within the first 7 months, I was fired from two different jobs unexpectedly, started an entirely new career almost by accident, ended an eight year relationship, lost a good friend to cancer and an ex lover to suicide, all while starting a new and unusually passionate relationship.

My relationship to my family as well, began to take on a new meaning.  It was no longer difficult for me to see that I had created concepts such as ‘father’, ‘mother’, and ‘brother’.  In fact, these people were simply other incarnated souls that had been appointed to play specific roles as teachers and guardians in my life.

I had to learn a new way of being.  A way of being that approaches life as opposed to being alive.  I acknowledge that I have a body and this life is precious, but something different had certainly entered my mental lexicon.  Like the combination of synergistic elements, the sum is much great than the individual parts… my world had expanded.



Throughout this entire process, I learned the power of daily mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, sobriety, and an authentic and direct expression.  It was within this timeframe that I was serendipitously introduced to the man who would be my Astrology Mentor, a master of his craft.

Daily meditation, connection to nature, a penchant towards deep self exploration, and a healthy and dynamic crystal collection kept me sane through a traumatic and beautiful transition.  During this period I learned that, when you really extend yourself, with faith and excitement and an open heart, the universe meets you eery step of the way.  We can only build the bridge through taking our first steps into the void.

Xx The path WILL appear for you, just keep moving xX

About the Author

As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Astrologer, James uses his empathic and psychic gifts to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients.  Spirit speaks through James in many forms including mediumship, visions, and direct messages from spirit guides.  All messages are expressed with the ultimate goal of offering the most practical, direct, and painless healing path as is possible for those who seek his services.  James is a modern medicine man, and through healing his own mental and physical health challenges has learned the magic of plant and energy based healing.  Pulling upon the Earth’s ancient traditions of maintaining a balanced body, James will recommend crystals, supplements, and mindfulness activities to best align with your style to further bolster your growth and confidence. 

James offers guidance and healing through his Astro-Therapy Sessions.  If you are interested in learning more about James’ service, click here.


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