Taking Back YOU

Having a personal identity is not a given. At times it can be challenging to know where you begin and end, don't get discouraged.

We must remain in a constant state of vigilance in order to maintain some semblance of center.

We are all empathic to some extent, but many of us may have been effected greatly by our early environments. Dangerous and unpredictable childhood conditions could have had us relying on psychic or empathic abilities to feel safe and preserve our livelihood.

As adults, this over-identification with the feelings of others can be a major stumbling block towards attaining personal goals or even meeting basic self care needs.

The first step is to remind yourself that you are safe, and that you can, with diligence, train yourself to use your empathic skills when YOU choose, as opposed to being in a constant storm of psychic and emotional impressions.

Beyond this, you must prioritize YOU. Crowd out the noise of 'other' by blaring your own personal stereo from within.
Journal, meditate, do things alone, express your opinions and energy through speaking and dancing. Have YOU make a stronger impact on YOUR world than others.

Be the most important person in your life.
Recovery from trauma requires that you put yourself FIRST. If the ideas and thoughts or feelings of others are dominating, it is your personal responsibility to refocus on SELF.

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