You are a Force, Share your Gifts

What a lovely sentiment, to share one's gifts. This concept is something that crosses my path on a daily basis in my work as Astrologer and as a human being. Let me start by explaining something important.

The world in which many of us have been raised is not aligned with recognizing and sharing individual gifts. Capitalism and the quest for possessions and monetary wealth carves deep grooves into our consciousness. As young children we begin to see what makes someone 'someone' in our society. We are told to follow the path of those who have come before us, to make enough money and save for retirement and well, you know the rest.

Even if you don't follow the path and become part of the system, you still live within a world where certain things are important. Things that perhaps, in your beautiful little reality, don't seem so meaningful. Because of this, our internal and highly specialized gifts may have gone unloved, unnoticed, and unshared.

If you have struggled for much of your life with authority, with the church, with sexism, racism, prejudice of any sort… please consider this. Your financial, emotional, and social struggles are a sign that you yourself are strong. As many have said 'God poses no challenge that the individual cannot handle' and you have been struck with many. The easiest thing to be is a yes man/woman/person. Carry on dear ones.

Surviving the Storms

I recently had the blessing of living with a young man from Arizona, we will call him Wind. Wind was a promising art student with a fantastic skill for illustration, painting, and anything that requires fine motor focus. Wind was leaving high school, having grown up in a lineage of Native Americans and less than wealthy means, he was aligned to receive some financial assistance from Universities. Just months before making his decision on a school, Wind came upon and was influenced by a Marine recruiter at an event. The recruiter mentioned that he could help Wind pay for school, have him travel the world, and that he would be defending America.

Wind was not a stranger to military service, nearly half of his family had served and his father and grandfather were consider somewhat of elite fighters and killers. To make a long story short, Wind decided to head into the service and belay his art school.

What he faced was awful. I had the blessing of spending an evening in a therapeutic setting as I often do with one on one clients. He shared his experiences of killing innocent people, sweeping areas for land mines, being trained as an animal, and receiving injections which were nothing other than control agents. He shared with me the experience on the island of Okinawa and the desert mountains of Afghanistan, tales of horrifying belligerence and violence portrayed by his fellow soldiers.

Wind never fit in and he knew it. He watched others fall in and succumb to the collective pressures and traumas. Wind, however, never gave in, his light was too bright. For reasons which he is still working through, he did not share the nature of his dismissal. Wind was dishonorably discharged from the military before completing his service. Wind was too strong to be broken, he just couldn't be programmed.

He was rendered without his military family, no money, no benefits, and now no support for schooling. In the wake he still felt, not surprisingly, very angry. Wind traveled to Standing Rock and stayed through the winter to support the rights of humanity. It was here that he met his now partner and the mother of his child, a child conceived on a cold winter night in desolate North Dakota. Despite the hardships and trials, he kept sharing his innate gifts.


Wind, much like you, may get into dicey and less than desirable situations. The strong are strong willed, often to the extent that they refuse to change direction and listen to intuitive guidance. Whether it is military service, a nine to five that makes no sense, or a relationship that looks better on paper than in reality, we all have the power to survive, thrive, and move forward.

When I met Wind, he was unemployed, had a broken leg, a pregnant girlfriend, and was suffering from some serious PTSD. My wife and I allowed them to live in our home and were blessed by getting to know two lifelong friends and family.

Just like Wind, you may need some people to extend a hand and you must be willing to accept that assistance. At the time when we met, I had recently had a concussion that left me bedridden for weeks. I wasn't the same, I couldn't think straight, I had terrible headaches, and had some terrifying depression coming on. The opportunity to spend time with Wind and his partner gave me new life and support that I was severely lacking.

It would have been easy for me to say no to these weary travelers, feeling that I had enough on my plate. I could have made excuses for why my financial struggles warranting a paying roommate who could hand me checks to pay my bills. But money comes and it goes. The payments I received from these two blessed me with wisdom, patience, and new understanding of self. The value of which far surpasses any dollar amount.

Love is Free

A lot of things in this world cost money. This can be painful as our sensitive souls have to submit their individual expression for the sake of survival. Often chaining ourselves to jobs that seemingly serve no purpose other than to be part of a larger financial game.

When we share from the heart, it nourishes us on a deep level and does the same for others. Have you noticed that when you have meaningful interactions with other humans, you simply aren't as likely to binge eat or indulge in whatever secret vise you have? Sharing our innate gifts, regardless of the pressures, is the most self sustaining way to feed ourselves.


A Gift Unshared

Years of working as an Astrologer has shown me that we all have innate and powerful gifts. The natal chart and ongoing transits can point to developmental lessons and potential expressive milestones. We all have free will, and sometimes life is just too disjointed and filled with obligations to pay direct attention to ourselves.

When I meet or experience someone who isn't expressing, sharing, or giving time to the development of a certain gift, they experience an inverse hit of this natural talent.

For example, someone who has a gift for uplifting others with their presence will feel alone, depressed, or dense if they are isolated or in a workplace where buoyant self expression is frowned upon. (this may be a crude example but I think you get the point)


The potential of the love that this person has to share is so great that the weight of holding it in becomes a cross to bear. Over time the energy collapses and directs itself inward in a destructive fashion. It is as if the universal forces are attempting to push you out of yourself to begin to reveal and share your treasure.

Breaking the Mold

Here we stand, with a unique gift at our disposal. The advent of modern technology has allowed us the chance to reach anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This is not without it's own challenges.

With exposure comes vulnerability, and not all who view or experience your work and gifts will enjoy the experience. Sadly but true, many experience another's gift or talent in a very negative fashion. Triggered into jealousy and reactivity, viewers may seek to cut you down and take your light away. But much like Wind, you are too strong to be held down, for you know it is part of your purpose.

Remember to always keep in mind that no great gift to mankind is initially accepted as such. Many consciousness and life shattering creations were demonized and scorned. It was not that long ago that women were burned for worshiping the Earth. It still happens today that many individuals are judged and told to repent for having sexual proclivities that buck the norm.

When breaking the mold, expect resistance. You are tapping into something greater than yourself and certainly beyond the awareness of those who seek to degrade your talents. They know not what they do, they simply seek to survive the battleground that is waking life. When a program runs from the subconscious, all actions are then justified without question, beware of triggering the animal within humanity, she will bite back to protect her fortress of ideology and fragile identity.

From your place of peace and awareness, you have the ability to practice whatever you choose in this newly broken ground. BE compassion, BE love, BE patient, BE kind, and feel free to BE funny. Comedy and being light hearted is one of the most spiritual ways to approach tragedy and trauma. Have you seen an interview with the Dalai Lama? The man is a buddhic stand up routine, always smiling.

So walk the path, explore yourself, get to know the YOU that can't sleep at night. Get to know the YOU that feels weird around your family. Get to know the YOU that suffers in silence at the ways of the world at large. He/she/they has some very special information that we need here on the Earth right now.

You are a jigsaw puzzle piece and the manifestation of our ascended Earth needs you. Rather than striving and competing, sink deep within your body and find that buried treasure. Bring it to us in creative and as sassy a way as you find comfortable. Your light shines so that others may see, and so you may be at peace.

Xx You are limitless, but not without boundaries xX

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When we share from the heart, it nourishes us on a deep level and does the same for others. Have you noticed that when you have meaningful interactions with other humans, you simply aren't as likely to binge eat or indulge in whatever secret vise you have? Sharing our innate gifts, regardless of the pressures, is the most self sustaining way to feed ourselves.

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