Aries New Moon :: 4.15 // Uncovering Layers of Self

New Moons are often a somber time. When the energy of the lunar and shadow side becomes almost deafeningly silent. Within the realms of the new moon experience, we may find peace and we may find chaos. Each experience is unique to the individual and every moon cycle offers it’s own spin on things.

With the sun in Aries, there is little left to the imagination. Ideas and passions are explored and delved into with the force necessary to have them exposed. Not everything is of deep and lasting meaning, and not all projects are carried out to their initial intentional ending. This is just fine, sometimes you just want to taste a dish, not learn how to master it’s creation. Sometimes, we want to feel pain just to motivate us out of difficult yet comfortable situations. This too is just fine.

We are wanderers, exploring love and life at all it’s acute and obtuse angles. When you go to sleep at night, there are thoughts, impressions, ideas, and dreams that find you. You are adrift on the sea of possibility with no specific anchor other than your personal perspective. A perspective which is being shifted at every moment by the life that you experience.

Hopes and wishes, the best laid plans of (hu)men… ahem, you get the point. The sun in Aries is about the expression of self unabashedly, learning through doing, trying, acting, and being. The lessons come as hard as the drive to thrive and survive, sometimes cutting us down in our tracks. The power and will of Aries season, however, may find us too headstrong to consider the RAMifications of that which has just transpired.

And then, my friends, we meet the new moon in Aries…


New Moon in Aries 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.15.56 PM
April 15th 2018 @ 7PM Pacific 10PM Eastern

As the moon cycles towards it’s conjunction with the Sun (astro speak for a new moon), the energy of sed moon is waning or lowering in intensity. The air becomes just a bit more still, allowing us more time to notice nuance. In particular, the nuance offered by lunar influence. Emotional ties may feel just a bit stronger. Loneliness hits just a tad deeper. The shadow side, which all things have, becomes just that much more pressing within the psyche.

As for the new moon in Aries, we are stepping into this realm of calm and peace after a rousing rush of experiential awakening as described above. So while the storm may take just a bit longer to pass, the contrast between a week ago and this new moon will offer dramatic perspective shifts.

Have you ever left a concert and gotten into your car or walked home? No matter how silent it is, there is still some sort of resonance or ringing in the ears from the music. This is an apt metaphor for the shift in emotional energy. So as we soberly drive home from the inspiring musical performance, let us allow our ears and hearts to adjust. Tune in to the ether, listen to the whispers, make contact with the inner knowing.

Uranus’ Role in this Moon

The planet Uranus has spent the last 5+ years in the sign of Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and has the effect of radically changing the status quo. All in all these changes are for the betterment of global harmony and efficiency, but they are not without casualties. With Uranus in Aries, experiences of awakening have been challenging for humanity. With Uranus playing the role of the Mars/Aries spurred warrior, things change in an instant, and then we are left to discern the lesson and clean up the mess after the explosion, the shooting, the revelation, the disaster.


Uranus will finish their transit through Aries this year and won’t be back in such a placement for another 77 years. On May 15th 2018, Uranus will cross into Taurus. We have already entered into the transition and you may even feel it. Uranus in Taurus will beg deeper and more meaningful questions about the way things work in our world. Distribution of resources is literally piss poor. Management of food is nothing short of a crime. People trash their temples, poisoning their bodies with chemicals, negative thoughts, and an overall lack of self care and personal dignity. Just as Uranus in Aries has asked us to look at the way we express ourselves, the way we assert ourselves, the way we challenge one another and deal with confrontation, Uranus in Taurus will ask us some interesting questions as well.

The short of it is that there will be a deepening of focus around social revolution. The energy of frustration that may run through the veins of those persecuted will soon be vibrating in every cell of each human body. Uranus in Taurus will ask us to share our wealth as well as stand firm for what we believe in. The combination can have the highest of humanitarian efforts. I expect and pray for strides in the areas of food cultivation and major steps towards ending world hunger.

“If your brothers and sisters can’t eat, how can you sleep at night?” – Uranus in Taurus


I see this time that will span the next half decade as a form of self reflection unknown to this race until now. A test for humanity. On one side, we will have the numb, the victims, the racists, the homophobic, the medicated, the violent. On the other side, we will have an array of communities and individuals who desire to learn the truth about who and what they are. They will seek wisdom over power, they will seek spiritual fortune over material gain. The path may be challenging for those who seek to awaken, but the gains will be tremendous (Taurus) and will benefit all of humankind (Uranus). More on this as the time comes just over a month from now…

As for Uranus influence during this new moon, consider their presence as a goodbye to Aries and a hello to Taurus. Within the silence of the new moon, Uranus whirs like a transistor connecting solar panels on a sunny southwest summer day. Bzzz Bzzz, can you feel it? You are being rewired. The Aries expression of Uranus will move on within the next moon cycle, take stock of the last five years, be grateful for what you have learned. While you may have to grow up just a bit, the benefits are stability, wisdom, patience, and a deep sense of peace.


Uranus is is conjunct this new moon, here are some tips... A polarizing force strong enough to push you past the deepest of emotional blockages. The key is to remain unattached and open to ego collapse. When Uranus is an influence, your past experiences may actually be of detriment. The variables and their expressions have shifted dimension, stay open and be a student of the universe. Stay safe, limit difficult and dangerous conditions. If you are planning something around this time, remember that things are likely to go different than planned, be flexible.

My wife and I will be hosting a moon ceremony and I am not only waiting to make my layout, I am also keeping it as open and free flowing as possible.

Xx Sometimes the universe has bigger plans for you, don’t get in her way xX

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Blue Calcite – calm the nerves, helps to slow and regulate flow of energy
  2. Selenite – integration, vertical alignment, synergizing disparate energies
  3. Danburite – channeling, angelic support, heart opening, hearing the messages

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