Let’s Be Real

Share about and be present with your process.

Somewhere within the zeitgeist there is a belief that vulnerability is weak. It is commonly considered taboo to talk about your wounds or shadow.

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a moment of my life where I am not walking hand in hand with my shadow.

For myself, it is challenging to NOT share this part of me with the world. Obviously, there are places where sharing certain things are just not ideal.

What I am saying is that there is a lot of room to be more honest with everyone about HOW we actually feel and function.

As I look around and watch myself and others, there are some disconnections. I seek to bridge these gaps, not so that we can all be best friends, but so we can all love ourselves even more.

I’m not designed to be liked by everyone to like everyone, I get that. What I see is that we can all do a better job at investing in the health of the whole.

If we place a ‘hold’ on our own expression, we limit the collective potential. Whether it’s a relationship, a business, or a social group of any sort. Through the shaming of our deeper vulnerability, we are creating a collective shadow and blind spot. This spot inevitably erupts from time to time or takes us by surprise. While it’s true, that’s not my point.

My point is that we all deserve to be seen and heard. Your feelings and your shadow are loveable and beautiful. Your trauma and depression, gorgeous and magical.

We’d be surprised at how many people share our same wounds and wishes, traumas and dreams. Community heals, and an honest and open community fosters a field of quantum healing.

Instead of spending time alone mulling over our loneliness, we can find communion in our process. Building the road to healing together, the process is expedited. As we acknowledge the normalcy of these experiences, we simultaneously delete the shame and seek solutions.

Perhaps there are patterns in our culture or family that simply need to come to light. From there, we can see the miscalculations for what they are, innocence and human folly. The gravity lightens, and we can shift long standing issues.

So what I am suggesting is a shift in the way you and I approach the world. I am asking you to challenge your concepts of secrecy and privacy. We are all suffering at this time on some level. I feel it is important at least to be honest about this. I want to feel accepted and I want you to feel accepted as well.

Be vulnerable in the places where you have been told not to. Let’s take the ship back from captain prude. No shame, just love.

If you feel called, please reach out.

You are loved and supported. 🌈

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