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Jupiter Neptune the The Third Eye Opener

The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune exacts on the 12th of April.

This paring occurs about every 13-14 years. This time around, both planets are in the sign of Tropical Pisces.

As this approaches, things continue to get more complicated. Decisions and actions taken in the realm of Pisces always seem to lead to more options and details.

The more we uncover about existence, the further we delve into the exploration of consciousness, the more conscious we become.

Right now we don’t have a choice. Anger thrown at someone else has roots in the sender. How did that sender become so upset? Who perpetrated their sadness? So on and so forth…

The events that are currently unfolding will require many years to understand. The hard part about the truth, is that it existed all along, and many just weren’t ready for it. We do what we can to get by, and often that means wearing blinders or deluding ourselves and each other.

I can tell you all of this is for the greater good. But what solace is that to those in the line of fire?

The demolishing of a building is the beginning of a new structure, but what solace is that to those who call it home?

As the gas guzzling economic systems show you their terrifying underbelly, it may sicken you to realize that your every decision is somehow connected to its rumblings and exploitation.

Jupiter and Neptune will show you that everything is connected. It doesn’t connect things… that’s already written in our existence. This stellar meet up simply highlights such a universal truth, we are a unified field of experience.

With Neptune involved… are you ready to look? Do you need to escape? Do you need your fragile reality and concept to be true so badly that you are willing to scapegoat others in an attempt to protect your personal investments? Maybe… and honestly despite my tone there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Life is a journey, not a Twitter post.

Things change, we evolve. There will be haters and there will be sycophants too all movements. We, as individuals, get to decide how to navigate our meaty starships (bodies).

Everything matters, but your heart will tell you what to prioritize, listen to it.

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