Full Moon in Virgo :: Full Tilt

Full Moon Exacting
March 18th 12:15AM Pacific
::chart given see photo::

The moon is already in the sign of its fullness (Virgo) and will making aspects to planets until and after the peak. So consider the full moon from now until the early hours of 3.18.2022.

Lunar aspects personalize and make the larger planetary transits real, it brings them home. The further into its waxing/fullish phase, the more intensity of presence it brings, disorienting or reorienting is a good way to view it. (Whereas the waning/new moon brings a more somber and poignant awareness).

This is a time of peak energy expression. Drink water, meditate, do something peaceful every few hours or more if you are capable. Spend some time in a place that does not contain man made electrical currents. Think trees and flowing water 🌈🐬.

You will be blessed with abundant energy, but the body still needs rest, as does the mind. Playful pursuits (or at least a playful approach) will have your inner child thirsty for more exploration and protect you from harsh energies.

Here is the breakdown…

Peak emotional – Full Moon
Peak mental – Mercury sextile Uranus
Peak spiritual – Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Peak physical – Mars conjunction Venus square Uranus

The current dance of the planets is NO JOKE. All of these influences at once can have us outstripping our outmoded patterns.

Growth is inevitable. New insights come quite easily. The intense solar flares of last weekend cleared out the core reality generators of non productive pursuits.

Keep hold of the bigger picture and simply observe. You are being guided towards what is best for you. Trust your instincts and make healthy decisions for your kind and body.

If emotions want to flow, please facilitate this process. This is not a time to show off or have an egogasm. This wave is strong and has us all dancing to a similar rhythm.

Function within the unified field as an individual spark of creative brilliance.

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