Well you do, lemme tell you why…

We all come from right where we are. Soul development over lifetimes may be diametrically opposed to current societal and cultural trends in this life on this earth.

This doesn’t make you less present as a human being on this planet right now. Universal perfection… this is your current environment. Your home is your soul, emboldened by spirit. Currently manifesting as a human body, you aren’t your body, that’s your vehicle and avatar.

Escapism is common in our human experience. There is nothing to escape. There are simply challenges and then the response to those challenges. A shift of focus can have you living in your spirit influenced soul body. A shift in the other can have you feeling like a prisoner here on earth.

We all have karma for decisions we make. Energy balancing itself. A responsible universe that shows us what we’ve created. The universe doesn’t care about good or bad, heaven and hell. These are concepts created by our personal awareness, our personal awareness being a subset of universal consciousness.

Things you do come back to you.
Things you’ve done are calling you.
Lives you’ve lived are creating your temporal challenges and bonuses.
This is the Great Harvest, energy returning to sender, so that we can return back to home consciousness. The density of unbalanced karma is intense and locks our unlimited focus into third dimensional (dense) awareness. The gods of change (in this realm the planets) are indicating a return to higher awareness, unity, and connection to the source (earth, soul, self, stars).

Be aware of how all activities and unfoldings are bringing us back to this light. We must heal our relationships to the greater forces of our reality.

If you were lost in a cave, would you focus on the dark depths? No, of course not. You would listen and sense tiny bits of light and sound from the world and follow these. Please focus on that light, it’s calling you out of your 3D hiding place, all of us at once.

“May all beings find balance in their personal karma, with themselves and with the earth. May the world community find balance in their collective karma, with each other and with the earth. So that they may be in union with their souls expression and higher consciousness.”

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  1. Thank you James for the reminder, as one who struggles with the density at times it was powerful especially the last para …may we all find balance.

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