Sun Neptune Day :: March 12th 2022

::Remember that astrological aspects are most powerful as they ‘apply’ and beginning to wane quickly as they ‘separate’:: The haze of this transit still hangs over us tomorrow March 13th

With the looming conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter (April 12th) that which expresses itself right now may turn out to be misinterpreted energy. Passion, desire, and energy are being driven up up up through the full moon (March 17th) and beyond (March 20th) as Mars and Venus move into a square with Uranus.

The overarching theme of the past 2 years continues. Lies, cover up, picking sides due to emotional investment. Add to this mix that the stories involve all of us. It’s not about picking sides any more, it’s about approaching situations with a nuanced perspective. Understanding that if we are here, we are all implicated.

As this deeply spiritual transit of Jupiter to Neptune unfolds, there will be many who run to the hills, run to the tabloids, run to their cult. This is a natural response to intense spiritual energies as they threaten the mundane reality at its core. There will be even more, however, who feel inclined to sacrifice their ego and social status to make an impact on the state of the world. Either way, you can’t do life wrong, and you deserve love and respect.

Those who cling to the status quo and benefit from current systems will resist this growth in humanity. More propaganda and confusion. They too, however, will be just as confused as they attempt to make others, so just allow the shitshow to unfold.

If any source pushes it’s ‘moral high ground’ out in front of itself… it is a form of manipulation. Ethical and moral actions need not to market their value systems.

The idea of ‘virtue signalling’ is a great example of this. If I have to tell you how good of a person I am, or try to show you… something is awry. That doesn’t make me an awful being, but it certainly points to some flaws and holes in my personal empowerment and self concept.

Philosophical questions will serve us well during this time. Why? How? What’s the bigger goal?

This transit also speaks to unimaginable beauty and dreams. Bringing something amazing into reality through hope and envisioning. We may surprise ourselves at just how GOOD things can be. Boundaries are less than easy so be sure to take everything that happens in your personal relationships with a grain of salt.

Study the angelic realms instead of the interpersonal, they are rife with deep symbolism as messages from the gods leak through the visage of others.

To get a more accurate picture fo what is going on internally, get big!

My practice daily is to observe myself from the biggest vantage point I can muster. I attain this by first, fully feeling my emotions and acknowledging them. Then I consider what I look like in this state. I rise above and surround myself, and simply observe.

In my experience with this practice, I always learn something about my true motives. It brings hard truth but isn’t that what we all want? The truth???

It’s very hard to move forward if we don’t actually see what is going on.

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