Uranus Direct

Uranus Direct 1.18.2021

The last of the outer planets has now gone direct. You may feel an extra impetus to create, destroy, or just generally change the way things are going.

While the motivation is there, the backing energy still has yet to land. Uranus moves just over a tenth of a degree in 10 days.

What we feel now is the Stationary energy. Just consider how powerfully something can function when it is able to stay in one place for a long period.

The changes are coming, but will be seen over a longer arc. Culminating in a unified ‘awareness check in’ early to mid April as Jupiter meets with Neptune. The changes are associated with awakening to our intuitive senses. People may feel hurt as they acknowledge they’ve been running on empty. People may feel betrayed as they are forced to acknowledged they’ve been led by charlatans. Others will feen emblazoned and enlivened.

Uranus has no time for regrets or misery, so try to see the silver linings. Anything that is ‘falling apart’ during this time has extreme structural issues. Whether it was a plan or a building or a bridge, it is going for a good reason.

Uranus now has the ability to express itself as the Saturn Uranus square has reached a widened orb with no more exact points. In 2021 Saturn had been dampening Uranus’ attempts to work with other planets, 2022 is different. Now Saturn will be forced to reign in the impacts of Uranus teaming up with other planets. While last year was typified by restriction of expression, 2022 will see the wild expression and then the attempts to control the reaction.

What is birthed out of Uranus shifts has a way of revolutionizing the entire system. Many of the efforts to control population came under the effect of Saturn square Uranus in 2021. We don’t need a civil war, we need to engage our inner battles and resolve them before they spill out into our communities. The uprising needed is one of consciousness in all people, not just one group winning over another.

The dinosaurs of the corporatocracy are making their dying screeches under the guise of mandates as their methods go by the wayside.

‘I think for myself, taking all facets into consideration’
‘I am still learning who I am, and am enjoying the journey’
‘I have compassion for myself and others’
‘I welcome a higher calling’
‘I am prepared to stand on my own convictions’

The world improves when each of us feels loved. Loving ourselves is our primary job, loving everyone else is second.

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