Dual Realities

As Jupiter moves into Pisces a collective storm has been brewing in the minds of the masses.

The expression of those thoughts and fears will now manifest in a mess of confusion and drama. Not all people have been drawn into this dark fairy tale.

Those who have been paying attention to the inner domains understand that the outer dramatics are but a performative piece.

A way of exploring reality through manifesting, then cleaning it up. Some are choosing to hold the energy in their relationship to self and god as opposed to with society and others.

Those who project their sickness and fear into others are simply choosing a different route. One in which the physical reality bends to their unconscious will.

They don’t knew what they are doing, for if they did, they probably wouldn’t do it.

This doesn’t make it any less real. This doesn’t make anyone less sick or scared. It just explains the pattern.

You don’t have to be part of this. As someone who is listening to the inside more than the outside, you know that you are in perfect health. Perfect health does not preclude you from getting ill. However, perfect health is the understanding that balance is your home base. Understanding that your body is yours to take care of. Understanding that you are the first responder to your own healing.

Perfect health is knowing that no one can prescribe a treatment for all people. It must be individualized.

We must respect the space for each other while setting our boundaries. Speak up when given the opportunity. Upon your passing, when you review your life, how will you feel about silencing yourself?

Remember that those who are scared and caught in mass movements do not act out of conscious awareness. They act from a place of preparing for disaster. They limit their scope of awareness to protect themselves. This is a natural response to fearful conditions.

Sadly, this approach can only bring forth further disaster. As they hold that energy, they welcome it back into their reality.

You will be attacked by those who feel that you are a threat to them. Please do not try to explain to them that you are not a threat. Just say ‘no thank you’ and move away from them. Understand that you ARE a threat to them. Maybe not in the way they think you are, but you threaten their beliefs that glue together their reality.

Everyone, including you, has more to learn. Try to step away from convictions and walk towards the testing grounds of faith and personal exploration.

I don’t care how you’ve treated me in the past. If you ever need me, just call on me. I never chose to be who I am because of some other person, I chose it for me. I respect that you are doing the same.

I love you.

You CAN love everyone.
You CAN be in charge of your reality.
This is your choice.

What really matters here?


Put that in your heart and feel it 🌈

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