Healing the Receiver

How could we want anything other than goodness for all? Do we really want that for ourselves? Do we feel like we deserve it? Or we have to earn it?

In my estimation it’s about a perspective shift. Somewhere along the line, we were told to be lack oriented and bitter. We were taught that our inherent value must be earned. A dangerous precept as we never truly have it, we are always TRYING to attain it.

Something in our environment convinced us that the joy of others can somehow degrease us.

At some point, we were impressed upon by those who lack self value.

These influences are mostly innocuous but at the time of their impression, we were open and vulnerable.

It’s a wild world, and at times, it’s hard to know what to filter and defend ourselves from.

The truth remains… we love ourselves, we love each other. You’ll find that at the root of all intense feelings towards others, is a form of love.

Our root energetic generator is our concept of self. This concept of self influences our relationship to all that is seen, and more importantly, unseen.

God, source, spirit is and always will be complete, unattached unconditional love. Whether or not we receive that fully is based on our own filters. Negative self talk and self limiting beliefs are cracks in the cosmic satellite dish. Hard to receive the downloads and healing love if we break the antenna with doubt.

This is not to say we’ve done anything wrong. Quite the contrary. The past is perfect, in all it’s seeming imperfection. It has led us here, right to these words. Right to this moment where we can reconsider whether or not we agree with the path we are on.

What limits your view of self?
What beliefs do you have that cut you down before you have the chance to grow?
What influences in your life create more problems than they do solutions?

Interested in changing these things? You are supported. Around every challenging corner is the love of all-that-is waiting to
hug you.

Gratitude and positive intentions for self growth, matched with small attainable action steps… this will light up your life and put wind in your sails.

Over time, the cracks in the receiver will fill with pure unadulterated gold. Keep glowing up my friends.

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