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We will face many different situations throughout our lives. There isn’t always a handbook for how to handle them. Some people, places, and events, will challenge us so much that we are forced to rethink ourselves from the ground up. 

Depending on the circumstances, we may enter these time periods gracefully or we may be dragged into them kicking and screaming. Regardless, they happen, and they have their ups and downs.

As we reconsider ourselves, our approach, and our motivations, we learn in ways that otherwise, we never would. From this perspective, we can see that these interactions and events were keys to unlocking our latent potentials and untapped gifts. Like a time capsule set to open at a specific date, the unfolding begins.

If we were to awaken to these parts of ourselves easily, we wouldn’t need to have such traumatic and dramatic experiences to access them. There are parts of us that are buried deep and in places we’d never look unless forced to do so. The events that awaken us are a spiritual alarm clock. A bell tower ringing from the heavens.

We just never know how resilient we are until we have seemingly limited resources to deal with a monumental challenge. It is in this state that we dig the deepest and excavate the gold from our personal mines. Our eyes focus on the potential in everything we have. What is available to help us? What can we use to make this time tolerable or perhaps even enjoyable?

This is why the challenges make us stronger. This is why my greatest foes have also been my greatest teachers and personal trainers. A foe on Earth is an ally to the Soul. Like the edge of the cliff reminding us to stay on the path, we need not fall to our death to realize the value of stable ground. Some people, places, and situations will always be the guardrail along that cliff edge. No need to attack them or make them pleasant, just be grateful for the warning and move on.

In my 40 years of life, it has come to me that I cannot make peace with everyone. There are bound to be people who, for whatever reason, just do not want to ‘move on’ from drama, frustration, or anger with me. Regardless of prayer, intention, apologies, and love… They have no interest in making peace with me. In some instances, I have triggered them beyond reconciliation for the time being. That time may extend through this specific lifetime. With the limited perspective of requiring forgiveness or reconciliation in this life, I am shackling myself to a heavy weight. When I acknowledge that some things linger on longer than my body, longer than this lifetime, I can begin to accept the bigger picture.

We can’t always see or know what others go through. We don’t always know what we represent to them and how we trigger them. Personally, there are some topics, people, and events that I just do not want to talk about… ever. Perhaps, from time to time, in a vulnerable state, I will share with a therapist, in my journaling, or with a close and trusted friend. Overall, though, I am just unreasonably uncomfortable with these things. With this perspective on myself, I can see that it is very possible that I play this role for others. This understanding breeds compassion and empathy for those who may ‘loathe’ or even ‘despise’ me. At the very least, I can understand that someone might not want to ‘work though’ something with me. My goal is to be cool with that, regardless of my desires or expectations for the relationship.

I know deeply that it is helpful for the evolution of the soul to confront many challenges. That which is within us on a deep level is often unseen until brought forward through interaction with the outer world. For myself, it is mostly personal relationships. However, we form relationships with everything. A car, a job, authority, food, a sports team, a pet… you name it, these are all forms of relationships. These are all magnificent mirrors and teachers. A challenging situation with any of these relationships can have us awakening to our reservoir of gifts and latent powers.

Consider this: perhaps the role of your ‘combatants’ or ‘enemies’ is to awaken you to these gifts, karmas, conditions, and abilities. Maybe that is their primary role in your life. Maybe that person you fell in love with was simply a placeholder for the love you then will seek the rest of your life. The heartbreak and aftermath of the break up is the distance between the love you desire and deserve and the love you are giving yourself. In memory and nostalgia, they can only remind you of this distance. In the beauty of the universal unfoldment, you only ever felt that love and magic because you, yourself, are capable of both giving and receiving it. They took you to the place within yourself where you can be in this bliss eternally. Whether or not you stay there… Well that story continues to unfold with chapter after chapter and day after day of your life.

These deeply buried and untapped gifts require strength and resilience to recover. If it took an intense interaction to bring them forward, it’s likely not an easy part of ourselves to consciously integrate. These aren’t the types of things that shift overnight. We need reminders and guidance to keep us in touch with our suppressed gifts.

The people or situations that brought you to these awareness will continue to be just that. A thorn in your side, a painful memory, an awkward interaction. Reminders of your latent gifts and challenges. Reminders of all of the ways that you keep your gifts from being fully expressed and integrated. With some relationships, there is no ‘remedying’ the connection. It is perfect in its discomfort. When you work on yourself through all the triggers, you are integrating the shadow underneath.

Once this is done or significant progress has been made, you may find a general lack of importance or charge to the connection itself. Like a self help book in which you have done all of the exercises, it is easy to let it go. The gifts have been utilized and processed.

You will be stronger from all of this. Whatever tears flow and challenges come and go. You will re emerge more in touch with the vital part of yourself. Everything is a path to your inevitable blooming in the light. Stay focused on yourself, on your needs, on your daily routines that bring you peace and confidence. You are not here to BE for others. When you are here for yourself, you become exactly what each person needs. How that looks for them… who knows? That’s not of your concern. You are an authentic and kind person, wrapped in the shrouds of memories and impressions. Shuck this all away and stand in your glory. You are on time, and the divine within you is ready to sprout and blossom. There is no hiding place from your beauty.

Hold in high regard all of those who have brought you here, to this place. Where you can see for miles and miles in every direction. A perspective that isn’t given, but is earned. A path that isn’t clear, but is carved. A climb that isn’t consistent, but contains canyons and valleys, rocky spires and thorny passes. You are here, and you wouldn’t be without all that has happened.

While you may seek time for respite, there is equal room for shining in the light of the Sun. The days are beautiful reflections of our path here on Earth. Quiet and starlit reflection balanced with exuberant shining expression. Allow your balanced being to dance through the days and nights. Trust that this path will lead you to your ever increasing bliss. You are ancient, this too shall pass, carry on my loves.

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