Jupiter Shifts :: Energies Move :: Eclipse Coming

The world has changed irrevocably over the past few years. Over the next few weeks, for the first time in over 2 years, everything is as open as it will be.

We are out of the shadow of the those events astrologically. The only planet still left in that realm is Pluto as it heads back into the underworld to grab the last willing participants in uncovering the deepest truth. In uncovering the traumas that cause others to dominate and abuse.

The extent to which we take responsibility for our position is the extent to which we can be in our power. You can’t shift gears if you don’t push in the clutch. I know we were on automatic for decades if not centuries, but now it’s time to learn to drive manually.

The world is a scary place, but also a beautiful and enchanting one. If you expect to be delivered easy breezy everything without having to face the scary dark sides… you have some tough medicine coming your way.

We must dance with everything, the light and the dark. This isn’t an option. The only temporary escape from this is through acts of projection and control. Through acts of evil and domination, wherein we force others to make us comfortable through sacrificing their energy and time to our weakened disempowered will centers.

I am not accusing anyone of doing this, simply stating how it works when we, first and foremost, don’t accept our role as divine expression.

Anything and anyone that is still restricted and hiding away, is either under the influence of a hierarchy that is choosing that, or they themselves have decided that this is how they want to live. There is no judgement in this, but trust me, some people want to be in a state of reclusiveness and fear because it serves them. For others, they are served when those they influence are in fear, they are easier to control and profit from.

Regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on, no one will ever know how you feel unless you speak for it. No one will ever respect what you speak for unless you stand for it. There will always be disagreements, that is not a problem. The problems come when we refuse to allow for disagreements. Please note anywhere that you see people not allowing for disagreements. These folks have lost their center and are not in control of their personal volition. They see disagreement as an affront to their weakened position. Their position weakened by the inability to think for themselves, following narratives created by those around them. Seeking approval and lacking their own direction, the ego is vacillating from king to peasant, creating extreme sensitivity and volatility.

This can happen on any side of any conflict, it is not one side or the other, but those on any side of any discussion that lack confidence and authenticity. It is easy to fall into this pattern, so keep your eyes peeled and stay in touch with your feelings.

Let no person tell you how to live or not live. You can only create rules for yourself. The fear and concern of others is not your job to deal with. You must live your life.

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