The Pain of Death – The Joy of Release

Having someone close to you pass is always disconcerting. The comfort of their physical presence is no longer part of your day to day. Taking care of someone, the intimacy of them needing you. Even if they were on death’s door for an extended period of time, that release into the non physical is upsetting and confusing.

In our daily lives, we often use our minds to construct or contain the reality that we experience. Whether it is the stories we tell ourselves or the way we envision the future playing out, our thoughts and projections can have a way of keeping us feeling safe and secure.

I know what might happen if I lose my job, or if I end up in a break up. I can tell myself that things will work out, I have a framework for this. While I know that difficult and scary things can happen, most of them I can construct some sort of understanding around. This gives me faith that, regardless of what happens, I will survive and move on.

Death is different. We don’t have much experience or memory of things like this. Even if we have lost someone, it isn’t as if we’ve been on the other side of things. I haven’t been deceased, I can’t really speak to what happens next.

***Personally, I do connect to those who crossover, often before they go, they begin to contact me. They speak to me in visions and dreams, almost as if they are overlighting me. Once they pass, they become quite present in my life. They speak even more frequently often in direct messages. I receive energy from them in the form of motivation and positive support. In my experience, all people who have recently lost someone go through this cycle. I, for whatever reason, am especially tuned into the messages from the other side of life. Without this knowing, I would probably not notice the positive aspects. I would not be receiving verification that someone is doing better than before. I would have no idea how to parse out that I was being blessed by someone as a final goodbye.

A Different Way of Listening

This isn’t about summoning the deceased, this is about souls talking to one another. When practiced enough here in the physical, it doesn’t seem so odd that it would happen after one passes. Have you ever been contacted in a dream by someone who is alive? Or been out of cell phone service for days at a time and just know that someone is thinking of you or trying to get in touch with you? Well, speaking to those who have moved on isn’t very different. Like the difference between AM and FM radio. Tune into a different way of listening, just think about the specific person, ask them how they are doing! Ask them what they are up to. They will deliver messages to you, and they may not always come in voices or visions. You may end up meeting a stranger, seeing a billboard, or hearing a song that speaks to their situation or presence. While the body is not, Love is eternal. The loving bonds built between you and other people doesn’t go away when either of you die. Nope, it lives on. The interconnected web being woven with every interaction is eternal and magical. May you arms be overfilled with miracles as you hug the life force surrounding you.

The Healing Energy of the Departed

All that being said, I do firmly believe that those who lose loved ones receive this download from the soul as they are released from the body. Much like the work that needs to be done at the end of the day, there is also relational work that is needed upon death. Energies that, while alive on Earth, seem to serve us in our ego development of resentment and codependency, dispute and debate, no longer serve us when we leave our bodies. Many things are forgiven. Meaning that it is let go, and from the other side, the energy trapped in the dynamic magically returns to us. This feels like release, and without context, may explain some of the ups and downs that accompany a recent loss.

Dusk begins early in the depth of Boucher Canyon

Any dynamic between oneself and the deceased that was egocentric is likely put back into the cosmic recycling bin, and the potential is brought back to you.

The deeper traumas in the memory banks may experience a healing as well, but not always. This, in my experience, is why we experience many lifetimes and meet many people. We are attempting to reconnect to creative flow of life. In order to do this, the large granite boulders of interdimensional and intergenerational trauma must be slowly worn away by the river of love, forgiveness and acceptance. Basically, some experiences are incredibly traumatic, and take a lot more than a few conversations to rebalance.

Death can be an audit for the soul. Looking back upon what has occured during life without the trappings and pressures of being in a body. We see this beginning at every stage of life. We become more reflective on what has occurred and our impacts. By the latter stages of a long life, we often see a deeply reflective energy seeking to make peace and sense of it all. Perhaps this is just a psychic precursor to the understanding and journey that is about to begin upon death.

In seeing some of the actions, motivations, and relationships post life, there is certainly a lot to learn about why things happened. Upon these realizations, forgiveness just kind of occurs. Perhaps an enemy of yours has died. Once they reach their review period, they begin to see how this dynamic has served or hurt their soul, and they begin to move on from it, even to share gratitude with the ‘enemy’ from beyond the veil. Imagine the healing network that this creates!

A contentious relationship requires two parties. If one side decides to let go of the tug of war, the battle is over for both sides. May all beings who transcend this life find their way back home, to a more flowing reality with just a touch less suffering. If they bravely choose to continue incarnating, may their lessons become more conscious and expedited, and may they enjoy every step of the way.

This is a Wild Journey

I wish to never forget what I have learned in this lifetime. I don’t ever want to feel separate from God again. It was an awful time, before I realized how powerful I was. It terrifies me to think that this could happen again, were I to be reborn. I mean, it happened this time, didn’t it! Wow… right?

What a fantastic flowering event life is. Whether it is an awakening in the thirties or having clarity on one’s deathbed. We are in constant motion, and that motion doesn’t stop with the expiration of our body. If anything, this lifetime is a small pinpoint in the journey of the soul. Like entering an altered state of being to get to know one little corner of the universe.

Night Sky in Boucher Canyon, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

I have yet to witness a specific game plan for the whole of humanity. With so many souls on so many different healing journeys. So many people with different perspectives on living. All that I can do is follow my own journey. Along this journey I am blessed to share time, love, and insights with other souls as they incarnate. Some of us are moving away from the Earth incarnation cycle and some of us are going deeper into it. Like someone who just arrived at a 3 day festival and those of us who are ready to get home for a hot shower. The celebrations and schoolings are concurrent, constantly beginning, happening, and ending. A train that is taking on and dropping off passengers all the time, but somehow never stops moving.

At this point in my own cycle, I sense that there are many schools around the universe, Earth is but one of them.

Love the Earth, It is Why we are Here

May my journey here on Earth be one of giving back, for the Earth is so beautiful. The human beings that live here are not the Earth, but are children of the Earth. The water as it creates glaciers, oceans, lakes, streams, springs, and geysers. The minerals as they create canyons, mountains, reefs, shells, crystals, and bones. The residual heat of the universal chaos at the center of it all. Feeding energy into the ground, fostering an atmosphere just perfect for human life. For however many lifetimes I have been here, even if it is only one, I am so grateful for all of this beauty.

The ruling energies or gods of the Earth elements are ancient for a reason. Can you imagine creating something so beautiful, given full artistic license? The Earth has taken billions of years to develop the beauty it displays. I came here to see all of this, to witness this. The social dilemmas and interactions can take a backseat, we can talk about these things in another dimension at another time, I am in love with the Earth.

We are Supported

We have guides, friends, lovers, and witnesses on the other side, never forget that.

The one thing we face as we live is death! How amazing, knowing that we will someday leave this body and this world. How could so much fear be built in the eyes of such odds? Perhaps it is just that we live in such a way that is so immersive. To imagine another reality without the body and it’s senses is incomprehensible. The ultimate comfort zone is being in the skin. It’s what we know. Forgetting the limitless soul creativity just to be born into this body. Of course, the idea of not being in it anymore is enough to spark existential crises. Honestly, is death not the exact definition of an existential crisis.

Hopefully some of these musings can offer a different vantage point on the collective story around death, grief, loss and dying. Know that you are loved, and there is no wrong way to live or die.

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