Full Moon in Libra 2020 // Integrating Mystery Amongst Chaos

April 7th @ 10:35 NY // 7:35 LA @ 18° Libra

Connected Aspects
Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces
Mars parallel Saturn // Aquarius
Venus OOB @ 3°Gemini
NNode ending 18 months in Cancer
Grounding in (aspects that formed exact during new –> full cycle)
Mercury conjunct Neptune 18° Pisces
Pluto conjunct Jupiter 24° Capricorn
Mars ingress Aquarius
Venus ingress Gemini
Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 8.06.28 PM
Tuesday’s full moon is the culmination of the last two weeks that started with a bang. The new moon in Aries is a giant spark in the dark, lighting fires. By the time we reached the full moon, they are raging and require thoughtful connection to control and sort out. Socially…many aggressive tactics and mandates have unfolded. Power is being consolidated in a few places and some decisions made may be seen to have been overly aggressive.
On a personal level, this has been tough to sort out. If you think you have answers or solutions, the universe begs to differ. Anything beyond basic self care is an attempt to reorganize a jigsaw puzzle that is still being cut into tiny pieces.
Confusion is an important part of awakening, we must first acknowledge our own blissful ignorance to incorporate new wisdom.
The light that has been shone onto our inner world is a bit disorienting and might even have us feeling ill. Thanks to Jupiter for this expansive view into our deepest selves. Mars and Venus both sit in spaces that speak of personal space and independence, which may have us feeling oh so lonely, yearning for connection. During this time, the greatest and most efficient connection you will find is through the inner journey. Yes connect, yes talk to others, yes express that light. However, make it about your journey, own your role as a caretaker of YOU and a MIRROR to others. We are all reorienting.
Physical limitation and restriction are symbolized by the parallel of Mars and Saturn. People bedridden in hospitals or even stuck in their homes. Yet another energy supporting development of the inner journey. If you have ever wondered what people mean by ‘Spiritual Development’… well, just sit still, close you eyes, and feel, look, and listen.
The nodes are asking us to take care of ourselves and to see others as spiritual family. While you may FEEL incredibly deeply for the suffering of others, there will be little you can practically do about it. Do what you can for others, but don’t put yourself in the crosshairs, trust the universe and keep yourself safe and healthy.
Conspiracy and alternative theories continue to float about but there is still quite a time before we see what is really going on, how deep things have hit. Venus is OOB in Gemini, meaning that she plays an extra strong role, our feelings and minds go this way and that way with every moment. Stay open to all information but make your decisions from logical planned out thinking. Beware of arguments and sharp tongues, these don’t help anyone. Aim for discussion and understanding… listen, listen, listen.
Finally, and to me most importantly. Realize that you are being contacted. Neptune is in quincunx to the moon. Something from the deepest parts of your psyche and the galaxy are reaching out to you, send them a message, see what returns <3

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